Class 8 Homework

Dear Class 8,

Your homework this week is to write the dramatic scene that happens next in the animation. This is the part where the man approaches and then chases the cube. Here’s what you need to try and include in your writing (success criteria):

  • Short dramatic sentences.
  • Good openers (fronted adverbials – In the middle of nowhere, All of a sudden, After a while,)
  • Powerful verbs (jumped – he leapt, he dived, pounced)
  • Good adverbs (cautiously, slowly, anxiously)

Some of you might include:

  • Complex sentences (main clause and subordinate clause)
  • Similes, metaphors and personification

I’m really looking forward to reading your writing!

Mr McCann

The final entry…

Today’s final diary entry is limited to 160 words only, as we are focusing on quality of writing not quantity. The children must carefully choose the emotive language that they use to create a powerful and positive final diary entry as Anne Frank. We hope you enjoy reading them. 🙂

Mr McCann

Class 8 Diaries as Anne Frank

Class 8 have been learning all about Anne Frank through her diary that she kept and through the BBC Drama series about this. The children have explored the emotions of what it would have been like to have to go into hiding, due to fear of being split up. Please read our diaries as we try to write as Anne Frank and imagine the difficulties she faced.

Mr McCann