The drama continues…

The children have been working hard to edit and improve their diary entry from last time and add a new entry months later. Please let us know what you think to them by adding a comment! πŸ˜€

Mr McCann

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  1. Monday 6th July 2016

    Today was the day atmosphere flooded my surroundings and when all the things that mean a whole lot to me would be lost.
    I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a positive family who try to keep Margot and I from experiencing cruelty and darkness in our world.

    This morning, Pip woke me up, to discover he got a letter from the Labour Camp. Although, he didn’t really want Margot to go to the Labour Camp and work to death he had a plan. He nervously told us with we should pack a minute amount of luggage, but I wanted to take my soft,harmless cat Moochie but calmly pip and mam singled me with the expression NO!!

    Later on, I was wondering where we would go if we where not our homey home. Pip said we where going to the countryside but I could suspect he was lying because he would never say a lie is our event came with no danger.

    Surprisingly, it turned out we where staying in the attic of pip’s work which was drenched,claustrophobic and peeling with paint.It felt as if we where in boarding school. Mam became depressed and was a shadow of herself.

    Could anything get more worrying Kitty?

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dearest Kitty,

    Life in the Annex was a bit grand than it was 3months ago but it will get gradually get better.

    What could get any insufficient Kitty?

    Things got a whole lot better,except we had… yes Kitty guess, a BLOKED LAVATORY, life couldn’t get pleasant and guess Kitty who had to unplug the lavatory…Pip!!!
    It was very unpleasant and sick watching Pip scrape out the waste of a human body, I think I might have lost my appetite to potatoes, Mrs van Dann cooked for us.

    I really do not get why everybody has to gang on me especially Mrs van Daan she even gives Margot the ‘DISCIPLINE TREATMENT!!’ I just feel so…ANGREY,STRESSED OUT and UNAPPRECIATED.

    Do you think it is fair Kitty?

    At dinner time it was silence that you could hear a pin drop or a feather. Then suddenly Mrs van Daan dropped the bomb by asking me if I wanted cabbage, I calmly replied ‘no thank you Mrs van Daan.’ But I don’t think Mrs Van Daan can accept ‘No’ as a answer and she had to reply with
    ‘Oh do eat your cabbage it’s really good for you!’
    And I did reply with a bit of sass that I do not really want cabbage but Mrs van Daan still wouldn’t have ‘No’ as a answer. Mrs Beaver Book /Mrs van Daan is still bugging me to eat the cabbage and no one is sticking up for me so I fight back until Pip burst out
    ‘Please leave her, if I do say myself you are not eating yours!’
    Oh how pip saved me then Mrs van Daan said a bit of a tummy sickening truth about how if she eats cabbage she passes gas which a very disturbing thing while you are eating.

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  2. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dear Kitty,

    Today was a horrible day. We had to wake up early in the morning to pack our bags and put as many close as possible, I felt like I was suffocating even before I got out the door.

    We had to go somewhere in the rain storm, I kept looking back at my house thinking of all the good memories I had in that house. Later on, someone stopped us when we was walking I thought that it was a German bomber,however he wasn’t a German bomber it was a normal man saying that I had dropped my hair brush.

    When we got there I realised that we was in my farther’s office. I had a felling that the natsis was going to come here and look for my family. So I was quite worried about Margot however I knew that Margot was already here so I didn’t worry that much.

    When we got there we went straight up into the annex that’s where Margot was, when we was up stairs I kept thing about muchie my cat and why I couldn’t bring him. Suddenly I heard the clock chime nine o’clock. I hope tomorrow won’t be as bad Kitty.

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dear Kitty

    It’s a new day today Kitty, and just what we needed was a toilet blockage. There is so much discussing excrement in the toilet farther had to clean it out it looked horrible. Mrs van Daan kept asking if the toilet was fix. However farther couldn’t fix it. We have been in this annex for 3 months now and I getting quite annoyed of the van dann’s the only person in the van Daan’s family who helps out is Peter however he is still annoying like his mother and farther. How long are we going to stay in here Kitty?

    Later that day, I was hanging out the washing I was quite annoyed, because the only person who understands me is farther he’s the only one how stands up for me. I wish everyone could be just like him.

    At diner time, Mrs van dann asked me if I would like cabbage on my diner however I didn’t want any, then she started an argument about you should have cabbage. She said her son would do what he was told, suddenly farther said that if I don’t want cabbage I don’t have to, have cabbage. He also said to her that it doesn’t look like your eating your cabbage either. She told us that it makes her have wind, Too much information if you ask me.

    About two hours later, everyone had a bath there was no privacy at all, I had my bath in the bath room everyone had there bath in a different place. After everyone had a bath we went to bed. Then I woke up at the sound of booms going of… I went running into my farther’s and mother’s room and got into farther’s bed. I wanted to put the candle on but farther didn’t want me to. Mother said to farther that, you know what it feels like to stay in a trench all night. Then he let me put the candle on.

    Kitty do you think I’m drifting away from my mother?

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  3. Monday 8th July 1942

    Dearest Kitty,

    Today was an absolute tragedy and will lock in the family’s mind for the rest of our lives. I say this but know many other lives all over the world are feeling the same. We were forced to leave my Cat moochie at home so the cat didn’t give away the new hiding place house. I Was so disbelieve could not bring our cat me and margo could not bear but cry.

    We had to travel an outstanding distance to get to the so called “country” but Father had lied to us! The whole family I would have shouted at him and asked some reasonable questions at the time but we were off squeduale We put our foot on the pedal and raced up to the secret room at the top of the building and waited until the time we could come out of our crammed little hole…..

    Tuesday 6th August 1942
    Hello kitty,

    This has already got preposterous, my family are now staring to fight the van Daans. My family will do many stupid acts but will do it to protect me and themselves as long as it gets better, I’m fine with that. I’m really want our bakery deliverer mea and her lovely husband yang. I’m sure they will be very good company to the people of the annex.

    My Today started like no other. Which means it started horribly. My hard working father was forced to unblock the disgusting toilet steaming with waste with his own hands. It wasn’t nice to watch and everyone felt sorry. Everyone tried so hard to motivate out sight of toilet . Poor father, he tried so hard to find the problem with that stupid thing.

    My life seems so wrong at the minute. I hope it gets better later do you think it will kitty? Will the war stop? There are thousands of questions whizzing through My and many others head but these are the most important.

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  4. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dearest Kitty,

    Today was brilliant. I was watching a movie and the boys couldn’t keep their devilling eyes of me I was really distracted when I was watching the movie. After the movie ended a letter came in the post I asked father what it said he said it was just the water bill so I said ok. After a hour I saw father talking to Margot about going somewhere. Father just said if there a knock on the door don’t answer it I said fine but what about my friend father just told me I would have to ignore them . Mother said the same when she got home.

    After lunch, Father said to put all my clothes on for some strange I was suffocating before I left the house. It was like living in the Antarctic. Mother was very quite she is normally really chatty. We set of the really early and father woke us up. Then we ended up at fathers office I thought that the nazis would come and that this would probably be the first place they look . I wanted to bring moortje to the county but I could bring any animals.

    When we got here, I went up the stairs because the Nazis wouldn’t see us up there the widows were dusty, the floor was damp and the paint was pelling off. I’m imagining that if we drop something on the floor the nazis will here us. Father told us to be quit because the nazis might here us.

    The Nazis are really mean I wish we could just get a gun and shoot them they are just evilness to the lovey world when is the silly war over. I wish I was never a German and Maybe be a British or Dutch which is a Holland language if you did not know Kitty.

    I will see you tomorrow Kitty

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dearest kitty

    This morning was great, I woke up this morning and the toilet was blocked awesome . Father had to scoop out excrement out of it . I just walked away from it I me and Margot was discussed. I could not eat because of that I did not like the van Daan as well.

    At lunchtime, I’m am so angry right this moment the silly vann dans are getting on my nerves again. With the washing and Mr Vann Dan doesn’t do anything in the house all he does is sit down and do nothing all the time. Mrs vann Dan is bossy she thinks she’s the boss when she is not Me Margot mother and Father were here first so she is not the boss.its just me Margot and Peter its is kitty!

    At tea time, Mrs van Daan was being really fussy because I’m not eating cabbage I’m not a big fan of cabbage so I did not eat it. Mrs van Daan called me not raised well and father said leave here allow. So father saved me there could thing get worser kitty.

    Next we all had a bath and there were no privacy at all. I said I did not want a bath I would just not have a bath.Father said that we’re allowed to look out the window I bet that everyone is embarrassed about it good job that I didn’t have a bath kitty

    Good evening Kitty, I’m writing this at 3:10 am so terrified the bombs just went off and I hers screaming and shouting all those lovey people are now DEAD. I know kitty’s it’s scary out there I’m having comfort to my father I’m in his bed mother. Wasn’t happy with father because we could not see at all and father was in World War I so he was in the trenches so he was not allowed to use a peace of light.

    my relationship with mother is getting Evan worser for some strange reason I hope Moochie is ok. Please make things better kitty?

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  5. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dear kitty,

    Today was rather depressing as we had to go into hiding. I was rather upset to say the least.

    Father woke us up at the crack of dawn for some peculiar reason,I asked him why he woke us up he said nothing.I knew something was going on I later discovered he received a upsetting letter.father asked us to put as many items of clothing as possible and put lots of things in my school bag. I looked over at mother she look quite paranoid it was if she saw a ghost.

    Once we packed we left in an instant we were drenched as soon as we left. Father told us we were going to the countryside I’ve always dreamt of going to the country with the flowers and the trees.when we got there it turned out we were hiding in fathers office.when father tells a lie I know it’s for our own good.i already knew were margot was she went with one of fathers closest friends Miep. We had to hurry up to the attic because soon the workers would arrive.

    The atmosphere was dirty and disgusting there was dust everywhere I felt cramped but I guess it’s good enough until the war ends.

    I hope it will get more cosy of the day’s do bye. The reason we went into hiding was the nazis they wanted father and margot to go to the labour camp. The Germans have turned our world upside down! We are no longer allowed to walk about for a long period of time.Why didn’t father allow me to bring moochie? How could thing possibly get worse? I don’t know at least I have you kitty.

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dear kitty,

    today was perfect it started with a blocked toilet it was fabulous wait no this wasn’t good I’ll just add this to the list of bad things that’s happened over the past few months. After all we’ve been through we now have a clogged toilet. Can my life get any worse and than it already is?

    This morning I woke up to father unclogging the lavatory I felt like I was going to be sick. He had to stick his hand in and pull out the waste but in the end he couldn’t unblock it. Father came back to say that it was no use it wouldn’t budge. I really dislike the van Daans,mr van Daan never stops smoking its terrible and don’t get me started on Mrs van Daan. She is always telling me to eat my vegetables it’s preposterous. I guess that peters okay he does his share of chores like me.

    Later on,I hung out the washing I felt like I was unappreciated by everyone it was making me furious. When we were having supper Mrs van Daan offered me the cabbage I was full already so I said I’m fine. Mrs van Daan replied saying if I was my daughter she would make me eat my cabbage but as the kind person he is father stood up for me he told Mrs van Daan that she hadn’t eaten her cabbage. Then she told us a rather disgusting story her experiences with cabbage I’ll never get that image out of my head.

    Finally it was time to have a bath but I had to wait until margot had finished. We all got our clothes back on we went to have class with father and now Peter joined our class. Suddenly we heard footsteps from above us we all thought the nazis climbed in through the roof. Peter went up and started yelling I was scared for my life it turned out there were rats.

    When we went to bed I was just about to get to sleep and I heard bombs I was petrified I ran into mother and fathers room because I wanted to be comforted by father, they were getting louder and louder. I asked father if I could light the candle but he said no then mother said your fine you spent most of your life in a trench. then I finally got to sleep.

    Do you think my life could get any worse. I don’t know do you kitty?

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  6. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dearest Kitty

    Today was rather strange everything felt like the world was upside down.

    Margo got a letter to go to a labour camp however no one ever wanted her to go.I had no clue what was going on, Father only said we were going into hiding. But were did we have to go? I could see that everyone was scared, but I still didn’t know why. Mother told us to wear as many clothes as we can and put everything we can into are school bags however I couldn’t take my cat.

    The next morning we left, every thing was a big blur because no one told me were we whear going. I finally found out were we where going and you wouldn’t believe wear we had to hide it was my fathers office of cause that would be the first place they would look for us.

    I was wondering why Hitler hated Jews so much what did we ever do to him.

    But what would happen next…

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dear Kitty

    Last night I was absolutely terrifying it couldn’t of bean worse. Father, had to unclog the toilet with his own bear hands. Can you believe how lazy the van Daans are, it’s a miracle that they actually survived before the world war began.

    Afterwards it was time for me to take down the washing, but through the process of it, I was beginning to think that everyone treats my like their personal servant except for Father he always has my back. A couple hours later, it was time for diner although it was a bit unusual, Mis van Daan told me to eat some cabbage however I didn’t quite want to so Mother told me to eat them but I still refused we continued to argue until Farther helped me by saying things that Mrs van Daan has done wrong.

    Im so annoyed that us kids have no sauce of privacy I mean Mis van Daan came into the bathroom when Peter was having a bath. I guess the only good thing is that we have to be get locks on the door it, is like living in the Stone Age. I hate this stupid annex it’s so small and old.

    Hi kitty its bean great talking to you.

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    1. Well done Alfie πŸ™‚ I really like the detail you have added to this piece. Im looking forward to reading more work! πŸ™‚


  7. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dearest Kitty,

    Today was a rather puzzling day. This day was in fact a most horrible day because the Nazis were going to send my farther and sister to labour camp. We knew we had to hide in a place where the Nazis couldn’t get us.

    The torrential rain got us soaked , it made me anxious . I got a bit angry when my farther lied to me and my sister . He said we will go and live in the country side but instead we went to his office to live there for a while. We will probably die in this rusty old place . I think this place will be the second place the Nazis will look. It is like we’re in the problem of a story.

    I guess my mother and farther are trying to keep us safe . Anyway later on, as we went up to the loft the wooden door slammed shut behind us. Even though I had loads of layers of clothing on it was still freezing cold. In this loft of my farther’s office it was boring. In a bit we can’t do anything because the workers will arrive . Do you think the war will end soon Kitty?

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dearest kitty

    It was a disgusting way to start my Saturday morning. My farther was scraping excrement out the lavatory and it smelt! When I was hanging up the washing I felt frustrated that no one appreciated me except my farther who never unappreciated me.

    When we were eating dinner Mrs van Daan told me that I had to eat my cabbage, she got into an argument with me. However,my farther saved the day when he gave Mrs van Daan a piece of his own business, and then he asked a question involving some cabbage in.After that Mrs van Daan told us a horrible truth about herself about how cabbage makes her windy I just wish she would keep her own secrets to herself.

    When we have a bath we never get any privacy like the story about Peter when Mrs van Daan walked in on Peter. It starts like this : when Peter was in the bath he heard his mother walking to the door he wanted to do some thing,but oh no his mum walked in on him and he kept shouting at her to get out and she finally did .

    When I went to sleep I must of heard a load noise it got louder and it went bang and boom it must of been a bomb I felt petrified so I went and slept with my parents. Do you think I can live a better life in this loft, kitty?

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  8. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dearest kitty

    Today was extremely traumatic and the fact that there are millions of people on the world and it was me who had to go through that tragedy was extremely shocking, I guess a lot of people have had a bad day too but my day wasn’t just bad it was uncomfortablely devastating !

    Last night my father told me we had to go somewhere but he wouldn’t tell me where! I couldn’t sleep that night. This morning my father told me to were as much clothes as I could and fill my school bag I felt horrible and devastated when my mother and father told me I could not take my dear cat Moortje I was wearing so much clothes that I was suffocating before we even left the house . I still didn’t know where we were going.

    As soon as I opened the door the heavens opened and after a few seconds we were drenched in torrential rain! We were almost there when a man called out ” excuse me” we turned around slowly extremely worried when he said ” you dropped something ” we were extremely lucky that it was just because I dropped my hair brush . l was pretty sure when we got to where we were going I was going to get told of for scaring the life out of mother and father. I picked it up and we carried on walking when we got to fathers office I was shocked to hear that we were going into hiding in till the war was over in fathers office! when we got there we had to walk up about 5 or 6 flights of stairs . As soon as we heard the bell go at 8o’clock we had to sit there in silence until half past twelve when the workers were on a lunch break .I couldn’t believe that we were sat in silence for 8 hours that day in dad’s office! Such a uncomfortably devastating day I hope tomorrow is a better day.

    Saturday 6th October

    Dearest kitty

    I can’t believe We have been here for 3 months and it was such a brilliant start to the day I mean what is better than a clogged toilet, hey. Anyway it was Saturday so we did not need to be silent all day,so we had a bath I was last . I was so excited for mea and her husband to arrive they are very friendly people and I’m very honoured to have them here .

    Since mea got here every body has been so grumpy and I felt like they were taking it all out on me! Last night at dinner Mrs van Dan offer me some cabbage and I said no so she started shouting at me I was so shocked when mother got on her side so I shouted but only a little bit, was glad when father butted in and said I don’t need to have it if I didn’t want to and that she hadn’t eaten any of hers l tried so hard not to laugh when she said “cabbage makes me windy thank you “that was the end of the argument obviously .

    It was about half past three when we heard a loud bang I ran into mother and fathers room and got in fathers bed for a minute as I went to light the candle he shouted “NO you know the rules “but mother let me so I went back to bed seen as the bombing had stopped.

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  9. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dear kitty,

    To day has been a very bad, fearful day. Yesterday was my birthday which was good. Today we have to put lots and lots of clothes on so that no one knows where we are. We had to live under my farther’s office. I WAS not allowed to bring my kitty I Was very mad and upset when mother said that. When I was there we had to go to sleep the bell waked us up every time I got bored I went to the attic and look out the window at the clock because I got bored very easy.

    Dear kitty

    The place I move to let’s just say it was not very exciting. we was not allowed to sing before 6:00 we had to wiser. And The toilet got blocked and farther have to stick his bear hands in to the toilet. When we had enough dinner and we all have to sit at the table to gever. When we sat down we had something with cabige on it. Miss van daan said to me EAT you food so I said I don’t like it. So she called me a spoiled brat so farther said I can do what I want and then she shut up. When I said that Peter was trying not to laugh trust me miss van daan was not. She said that it gave her wind.

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    1. Good diary entry Lexi! πŸ˜€ 2DJ. T – Remember to check your sentences make sense. You need to remember capital letters at the start of your sentences and for people’s names.


  10. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dearest kitty,

    This day was probably one of the worst days of the month,the Nazis wanted my father to join labour camp and maybe If he didn’t go he’d be killed.He didn’t want to go because he didn’t want to do what the nazis wanted,so we went into hiding.To get to the hiding place we had to run through rain and,oh,didn’t we get drenched.It turns out that the hiding place is my fathers work place attic,I felt so bad for him having to deal with all of us and he’s the one that got asked by a NAZI if he’d go to labour camp!

    Next, Mother showed us to a long stairs behind a green door,as I was looking up and the old creaky stairway I saw that this attic wasn’t used that much and it was going to be a hard time unpacking are stuff.Finally we unpacked all our stuff and we could settle down but we had to be really quiet because there were workers down the stairs and we were worried that they would hear us living here in the attic of the work place.

    After that It was so dusty and at one point I think I couldn’t breath I felt sorry for my sister Margot because she had a cold and she sneezed we were absolutely frightened of being heard by people downstairs.I could tell living like this was not going to be nice.We were lucky that there was a place in the attic where we could open the windows and get fresh air.

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dearest Kitty,

    I felt so bad for father, there was a blockage in the toilet and he had to scoop the excrement out with his hands and if I were him I’d just leave the toilet blocked, never would I unblock it myself. Also I don’t know if I mentioned but we have a annoying family living in this house with us and there just odd. The Mrs Vandann ( that’s what she’s called ) only thinks about herself and she never shows respect to anybody. I don’t think the Mr Vandann even bothers to do anything he just sits around all day smoking cigars, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of us had black lungs by now! Peter Vandann don’t get me started on him, he’s to shy to look at his own mother, even himself.

    Anyway we were at the dinner table today and believe it or not we had a cabbage fight and in my opinion it was not fun at all. Stupid Mrs Vandann told me to eat up my cabbage in that ugly bossy voice of hers and my mother, yes MY MOTHER backed her up and told me to eat it all up. “NO!” I said. I’ll do what I want I’m a thirteen year old girl and I don’t need anyone telling me what to do!Luckly dad was there to back me up he said she doesn’t want to eat it leave her alone,I surely thought the same.

    Right now it’s probably 2 AM and I woke up because of a bomb that crashed near our house in Amsterdam the sirens were late but as the ear crunching sound thundered through my house I could hear them,faintly.I rushed for my life to father to sleep in the bed with him and I was so scared I needed light so I tried to light a match, father said no but mother let me do it I guess she felt sorry for me because me and her were growing apart like sunflowers who are beginning to not like each other. In fact everyone should feel bad for me because I have to do all the work, the terrible family we live with doesn’t bother to do much.This life is miserable.

    I just wish so much that we were back in are house, I miss Moortje a lot and I wish I could have brand her along with us because Peter was Abel to bring his cat and Moortje is even more quiet than his cat. But Peter does let me stroke him sometimes, mostly I call him an idiot in a jokey way but he just calls me Miss QuackQuack because I put a book about a duck in my school book and the little thing read it. My dad was talking to me about this guy called Adolf Hitler that started this war witch made me stay shut up in this crammed attic with these no life stupid idiots.

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    1. Wow! You’ve included lots of interesting detail in your Anne Frank diary Theo! πŸ˜€ 2DJ. T – Try to avoid modern words, as it needs to sound old fashioned. You have a few other parts to read through and correct.


  11. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dearest kitty

    Today was the most unpleasant day I’ve ever experienced!

    Today Margot had a letter that said she had to go to concentration camp but father would defiantly not let her go. Mother and father were planing on going into hiding in about 10 days now we have to go today I’ve packed what I want to take in my school bag but I have to wear all my clothes. Its Time to go .I was ready and had all my clothes on ready to go.

    Mother took Margot first.father said it was for the best and the only thing I am worried about is my cat Moochie ,who’s going to feed her? and then father said that next door would look after her. Margot is on her way there now. Mother got back it was time to go. I was suffocating even before I had left the house. I walked out side and it was raining it felt like torrential rain and it probably was. On are way a man informed us that I had dropped my hair brush I picked it up then we were on our way.

    We finally arrived it wasn’t the country side and it wasn’t any were the Germans would look it was fathers office. We made are way up about five sets of stairs and found Margot at the top of the stairs waiting. How long are we going to be here kitty?

    Is it going to be nice…

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dearest kitty

    I saw the the most disgusting thing ever this morning.

    This morning I was walking to the bath room and when I got there I saw something rather unpleasant and you don’t even want to know how bad it smelt it was disgusting. Over night there had been a toilet blockade, it looked like the toilet had sicked up all the excrement that we had all done in it and father was the one who had to clean it all out it was disgusting.

    When father had finished unblocking the lavatory he told me to do the same thing as usual hanging the washing and taking it down. People don’t know how frustrating it is to do the same job every single day. Peter was in the bath and Mrs van daan walked in and was looking for something and then she walked out Peter ran strait to his towel. How do I know this? I over heard Peter telling his mother that he can’t get any privacy and people keep on walking in on him when he’s having a bath. We finally went Down for diner I had eaten mine so Mrs van daan asked me if I wanted any more cabbage I said no but she still said if she were my daughter she would eat it! But then I said to, her well if your that bothered why don’t you eat it! Then she told us that cabbage makes her windy.

    Last night I was sleeping peacefully and dreaming lovely dreams, and then suddenly a huge bang awakened me and disturbed my sleep I was terrified. I scrambled to mother and fathers room mother pulled me over to her side but I tugged away and got in bed with father. Then they started arguing wile I tried to light a candle but over all the fuss it kept going out. They were arguing over how father had been in world war 1. I’m really tired because I’m writing this the second it happens finally everything stopped! I finally had some sleep but not much because I was still scared that the bombing was not finished. Will this war ever end kitty?

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  12. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dearest kitty,

    Today was horrible out side. It was pouring with rain, I could hardly open my eyes . Father got a letter he didn’t tell me what was in it. I was a bit suspicious of what was in it.

    The next day father woke us up really early because we had to go into hiding . He then said that we have to wear all of the clothes I can put as much as I can into my bag . I felt that we was going to live in a fridge. I really wanted to bring Moochie , every one went salient ,that means that I couldn’t bring her. I was really sad ,But I got over it.

    I said bye to Moochie , I took a step outside I looked back and renumbered all of the memories I had in that house . I slowly walked away from the house.

    Tuesday 7th July

    Dear Kitty,

    It was night and I could hardly sleep . I was so scared if a bomb was going to drop on us and, the bed was so uncomfortable it felt like I was sleeping on a 10 boulders with a dirty rag on top of me! I woke up at 8:30 when all of the workers came in. I stayed in my bed until lunch because we couldn’t move.

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dear Kitten,

    Today started Wonderfully by a lovely blockage in the toilet. Father was really furies .
    After he calmed down he got angry again because He had to stick his hand down the toilet and get all of the excrement out of the toilet!

    Then I was made to hang all of the wet laundry on the washing line. Every one making me do all of these things ! Why can’t Mr & Mrs van Dann , pater , Margot , mother or father do it. Everyone hates me for some reason .

    For dinner we had sausage eggs and cabbage . I hate cabbage is you ask me . Ms van Daan told me to eat it , I said no. In fact she isn’t eating her cabbage , she said it gives her gas.

    We all get a bath , no one gets no privately. One time Mrs van Daan walked in on Peter in the bath and left the door open he got out and closed the door and quickly got back in really quickly got back in .

    In the middle of the night the first bomb dropped without the Syrians going off . I shot up like a light
    and ran to mothers and fathers room. Mother told me to come in her bed , I didn’t want to . I went into fathers bed instead . After 4 minutes a got back up and light a candle , father said no but mother reaminded him that he lived in the trenches for so long , he said ok , I got back in and cuddled him and forget that the bombs we’re dropping.

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  13. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dearest Kitty,

    Today has been rather outrageous. Today it started with a dramatic rain, and father woke up pretty distressed and annoyed.

    Early in the morning father had told us that he had received a letter saying something that troubled him but he wouldn’t tell us. Later on he told us to that we had to pack our bags because the nazi’s was getting close and we needed to move.

    My feelings about moving was that I would meet new friends and a new environment but I had some bad feelings as well. I was thinking about maybe dad would have to go to war and he wouldn’t return, Also I was thinking about how Moochie might feel scared and wanted a friend.

    Later on in the afternoon, we had packed our bags and we was ready to go to our new place for a while. I was hoping it would be the countryside but it was only about a mile away from where we lived which was a big disappointing surprise. We had to run up 6 floors of stairs to get to the
    very top so we was safe. Non of us knew how long we had to stay their… Would it be a disaster? Would it end in tragedy?

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dearest Kitty,

    This morning, it started tremendously well with a lovely toilet clog. Father had to unblock it with his bare hands, it made me and Father feel very sick. Lately me and my Mothers relationship is getting very bad because she is ignoring me and being ignorant of me. It’s not just Mother it’s everyone else as well obviously only father sticks up for me. When I was hanging out the washing I was think how no one was appreciating me and how I’m doing jobs, Do you think that’s fair Kitty?

    Later on in the day, it was a tea time and Mrs van Daan mumbles a very impolite comment by saying” eat your cabbage up Ann, it will do you good instead of eating potatoes! ” Mother didn’t say anything all she did was stay silent. Father stood up to me and said back to Mrs van Daan ” Well I don’t think you’ve touched your cabbage at all “. Mrs van Daan replied ” ummmum… Well it gives me the wind, Mr Frank ” and everyone stopped talking and went silent.

    After everyone had a bath and went to the top of the Fathers office we heard a very small noise everyone went silent. Mother whispered that one day of the Nazis must have broke in from the top. Father volunteered to go have a look but the Anne wanted him to stay, whilst Peter was already climbing up the ladder very quietly. SUDDENLEY He started screaming whilst running and all of a sudden Peter went silent. Everyone else’s heart was pounding but he said it was only a stupid rat. That was lucky wasn’t it Kitty?

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  14. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dearest Kitty

    Today was a strange day because it felt like the day was really long.

    Today farther got a letter telling him they needed him for labour camp. He told me to pack as many things I could and wear as much as I can. I finally finished packing. I went downstairs and they were all waiting for me. They said they lied about them needing father they actually needed my sister Margot. I feel sorry for Margot.

    We said goodbye to my sister Margot. The next day we stepped onto the muddy road and my dad said we were going to hide. I asked him were. Kitty were do you think we are going to hide?

    As we arrived at the place farther said we were hiding in,I realised that it was my farther’s office. I asked him why he didn’t tell us but he didn’t answer. I missed moochie so much. Kitty do you miss moochie as much as me?

    Saturday 6th October

    Dearest Kitty

    Today I woke up and my farther was trying to unblock the toilet. Farther hat to use his hand to try and unblock it. It was quite horrible watching him. A few minutes later he said he couldn’t unblock it. So we hat to hire a plumber but he couldn’t know that we were hiding from the nazis. The plumber arrived and it sounded like he was coming up but luckily he wasn’t. We prayed he could unblock it from the bottom. After a while the plumber unblocked it. We were so happy we could use the toilet again.

    Later on all of us was in a bad mood because of the toilet problem. They were all ganging up on me. They were all getting angry at me. I was getting annoying at everyone. Later that day when we were all having dinner, Mrs vann dan told me to eat some cabbage but I don’t like cabbage. Farther told Mrs vann dan eat some cabbage your self. Kitty I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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    1. Another great diary entry Alex! πŸ˜€ 2DJ. T – Remember to read through your writing with a partner to correct your mistakes. You have used the incorrect word during a few parts.


  15. Monday 6 July 1942
    Dearest kitty

    Today has been rather rough. I woke up to Margot who’s received a mysterious letter, mother walked out without telling me what that was, but later on that day, father eventually told us that the letter was asking her to go to a labour camp. Would you let her do that?

    We are going into hiding and Father said we were going to the country, but we ended up in fathers office, their was peeling paint on the walls and all of the doors were very squeaky.

    We had to stay quiet from 8:30 till 12:30 so we couldn’t go to the lavatory or walk in shoes because the workers who are downstairs would here us. We couldn’t look out side or go out in case of the nazis see are little heads

    Saturday 6 October 1942

    Dearest kitty,

    Today was very terrible. Today I woke up to Father pleasantly unclogging the dirty, gloomy lavatory although he was looking quite ashamed of himself. He brought in the waste, mother asked him what he was going to put the waste in, I came in with two empty mason jars to put the waste inside.

    I was very upset that the van Daan’s wouldn’t let me do any thing, and Mrs van Daan was flirting with father so I said all of my pleasant thoughts, it’s tea and I don’t like cabbage but the van Daan’s told me to eat it but Father let
    off but Mrs van Daan said cabbage makes me windy.

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  16. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dear Kitty,

    Today was a rainy day in Amsterdam. Father received his letter he was going to a camp. He was worried Incase he was killed I had to where all of my clothes because we were going To hide. I said good bye to my cat and left.

    We walked for about 5 minutes In till I knew where we were. We were at fathers’ office we went up the stairs.we went up 3 flights of stairs and then we came to a door a lady opened it father said ‘thank you”. And we went to a gloomy place we turned on the lights and went up to find. And found a disgusting sight of a kitchen I went back down to a bed that was spilt into two.

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    It was a rather good morning with a clogged toilet?

    Father had to un block the toilet he scraped out all of the excrement we all covered our eyes because it was disgusting. We went back to the living room for a while then he came back to say it was still blocked. We all went to the kitchen to sit and eat. Mrs van daan said ‘ are you going to eat your cabbage I said’ no then she repeated I stomped to my room and didn’t go back till tea .I felt irritated why did she have to live here with us.

    After that we were all in a bad mood I was up stairs taking the washing down. We all had a bath, Peter was taking a long time. After we went for tea and we had cabbage after tease went to bed Boom! A bomb went off I ran to my father as quick as a flash the bomb was very loud and I heard people getting hurt ,gun noises and it was hard to get some sleep.

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  17. Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dearest kitty,

    Morning kitty, today we had a lovely surprise …a lavatory block lovely father had to pick out all of the disgusting excrement why’ll I had to watch . Mrs van Daan came in and asked if it’s done yet she’s so selfish she only thinks about herself even though we’re in a horrible World War Two so can she just be a bit more polite maybe say a good thank you or please every once in a while.

    All these monsters in here are so stressed , I feel like they are taking it out on me I fact they are taking there troubles out on me. They’ve told me to do all there dirty washing and hang it out. why does everyone hate me except from my dad .it’s near the end of this long day so we have to take a bath I need to wait for all these slow coaches to get out of the bath so I can get a good bath.

    Now, we are at the dinner table and Mrs van Daan wants me to eat the cabbage and I don’t want the stupid cabbage can’t she understand she’s not even eating it so why should I but apparently it makes her a little bit gassed and apparently I’m the ignorant one .

    Know we have to get to bed and I’m so exited I usually wouldn’t be so exited but this day is terrible my sister margot seems so moody as she rolls over when I just try to get to my awfully tiny bed but then something happens.

    there’s a noise that sounds like somethings just dropped right next to us my sister told me not to move but I had to because the only person I feel safe with is dad so I just had to be ignorant and run to dads room and cuddle up to him then all of a sudden some sirens go off and it’s so scary then a bomb just explodes right in the house next door then it all stops and we have to live our lives as nothing has happened as I’m writing know all my friends could be dead.

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    1. A very thoughtful diary entry Alisha! 2DJ. T – Remember to read through your writing to check for missing punctuation. Also, some of your long sentences should actually be 2 or 3 sentences.


  18. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dearest Kitty

    Today, was a rather frightening and quit a miserable day because I had to leave home and try to get all my clothes on at once. Before I even got out side I was all ready suffocating it was that hot. Once we started to flee it was pouring rain.

    When we where on our way to our destination we were interrupted by a man because I dropped my hair brush I was so frightening because I thought it was go in to be a Nazi alsoThe weather was torrential rain as soon as we got inside I found out that it was fathers office we were took to a room to hide in as soon as you open the door there is a stair case with very steep steps on it. The room was very dirty and big for attic. When we got up the steep steps we had to be very silent because at two o’clock we have to not get caught by a worker.

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    Dearest kitty

    This morning I woke by an amazing smell of the toilet blockage and father was unblocking the toilet by hand the smell was so terrible I was almost sick. Also Mrs vann Daan was so annoying today with her wind, after the clogged toilet was fixed we had a bath Peter was scared that someone would come in on him so we tried to leave home alone. Margot was in the bath for to long so I peeked through the window but Margot said not to but father said I could.

    Today for some reason everyone was taking there anger out on me and I don’t know why then father told me to hang out the washing. After once I hung out the washing, we had lunch, while I was eating Mrs van Daan was being impolite and almost forcing me to eat cabbage also she said how beans and cabbage gives her wind and she was taking to father!

    To night we were I the middle of our sleep and the some bombs went of also I was so scared I ran into fathers room and when the into his bed with him. I hope that my house is destroyed because if I survive the war I would be homeless, I would be petrified if I had no home it would be all just a reckage also moochie would be gone so it would be a nightmare for that to happen kitty do you think I will survive in this annex or will we be bombed?

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  19. Monday 6th July 1942

    Dear Kitty

    I felt scared because the war was so loud and I could not sleep. Our new home had peeling paint and bare walls. It was a boring place because there was nothing to do. I felt worried about my cat. I had to leave her behind and I was scared that she wouldn’t be fed or looked after. I wish she was here with me now.

    My new room was uncomfortable and I had to share it with my sister. We were always worried that we would be found. One night there was someone knocking on the door, we did not no who it was and I was scared. The people might be the Nazis but I realised they were father’s employers. I miss my old house and Moochie, she might be poorly. I miss my friends.

    Saturday 6th October 1942

    My father had to put his hand down the toilet because it was blocked. It was disgusting! When I hung the washing up in the loft I was mad because of the cabbage fight. When we went in the bath we got a big tub and a kettle and filled it up with hot water and again and again until it was nearly full.

    We all had tea and we had potato,beans and cabbage I said it was so nice with Mr and Mrs Van Daan But it was just the new family who were going to live with us.

    When we was in bed the bombs went on I went running into my fathers room and turned the light on and he said no and I said you did everything I have not and my father said ok do it then. Then Margot said no u don’t do it I will do it because u might burn yourself lay down with your father and I will do it.

    We have to be quite everyday at 2:30.

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    1. Another great effort with the diary Aaron! πŸ˜€ 2DJ. T – Careful with your ‘was’ and ‘were’ and remember to read through your sentences to check that they make sense.


  20. Tuesday 29th November

    Dear Kitty,

    Today the view from my window was stunning and beautiful. The sun was glowing and shining off
    the trees. The sky was reflecting in the water. The clouds were white and fluffy and nice and big.


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