Class 8 Homework

Dear Class 8,

Your homework this week is to write the dramatic scene that happens next in the animation. This is the part where the man approaches and then chases the cube. Here’s what you need to try and include in your writing (success criteria):

  • Short dramatic sentences.
  • Good openers (fronted adverbials – In the middle of nowhere, All of a sudden, After a while,)
  • Powerful verbs (jumped – he leapt, he dived, pounced)
  • Good adverbs (cautiously, slowly, anxiously)

Some of you might include:

  • Complex sentences (main clause and subordinate clause)
  • Similes, metaphors and personification

I’m really looking forward to reading your writing!

Mr McCann

11 thoughts on “Class 8 Homework

  1. The cube slowly started to roll away the man chased and. chased the cube but it’s never came back to the man.Then he leaped to the box and got hotter and hotter.

    The cube went to he man next door but the man tried to be greedy and take the cube for himself but he got tired Into something but what.To Be Continued
    By Ashton


    1. Excellent effort Ashton. I can see you’ve tried hard to make this writing dramatic! 😀 5DJ. T – Remember to read through and check that it makes sense. Try to also think about how the man might be feeling at this point.


  2. The arctic circle part 2

    The man turned the metal bar only to get one piece of fruit. It doesn’t fill him up. He turns and turns the metal pole all day. One day he eating his fruit when he spots a weird box in front of him. He kneels down to look at the box. He touches the box and it shoots him back into in tree. The man lent on his tree and lots of fruit popped out of the tree. The man lookes at the box again.The box started to roll away. He throws his fruit away and goes after the box, but the closer he got the faster the box rolled away. He starts to run after the box. The man lookes ahead to see where the box is going. He chases the box and he ends out at his enemy’s shelter. He dives on the box, but it disappeared underneath him. He goes to leave but when he moved his feet turned into boxes. He moved again and half of his body turned into a box. He moved again and his whole body turned into a box.

    By Alex


  3. As the cube rolled away the man chased the box it was rolling towards his neighbour he ran I front of it he belly flowed on
    to it. It dissappeard…

    He continued to walk, Then his foot turned to a block then HE turned into a yellow block than his neighbour came out and wanted an apple


  4. The arctic circle

    In the absolute centre of the arctic circle with a man stud ice cold and a strangely orange cube. The man slowly walked to the cube then ran at the cube and touched it, all of a sudden his hands were electrified in an orange colour. The man was terrified of his hands disintegrateing. In shock the man leant to his tree, then the tree had tons and tons of apples on it that looked so juicie. He stared at the cube then annoyingly it was rolling away from him to his neighbor and every single time he stepped it started to roll away. The man started to run at the cube so quick he could be in the Olympics eventually he got in front of the cube and then he oddly jumped on it two seconds later the cube was sucked into the man and his hands whent back to orange. He was so happy, he started to walked however went into a black colour and then turned into the cube then his legs were gone so he struggled and started to go to his neighbors house then sadly he was turned into the cube!

    Is this the way it will be?


  5. The Arctic Circle, part 2.

    The man looked at the box in a funny way as though it had a pair of eyes that were staring at him. He stepped forward puzzled, wondering how this box was here baring in mind that he often has weekly snowstorms that could take his life at any moment. He walked forward cautiously watching his step because he never knows what might happen. He was brave enough to even tough the box, but when he did I’m sure he got shocked…LITERALLY!!!

    He got an electric shock that sent him flying back to his deathly tree. The electric turned his hands yellow and made them buzz brightly with ultimate power! When he touched the tree to help him stand up, the tree got struck by his lightning power. It grew four or even five more fruits, so the man took a sample and they were fifty times better then they were when he wound the tree up! But little did he know he would become extremely greedy…

    He ran after the cube to make it his for one secret reason. He knew he had a neighbor on the other side and didn’t want him to get the power. The cube kept running away from this man until he jumped and the cube got sucked inside of him. Then, the cube sucked him up after. Then the cube went up to the confused neighbor and the whole thing continues in a cycle.

    The End!


  6. January 6th 2017

    Far Far Away somewhere over the snowy mountains of the North Pole(Arctic Circle) was the mysterious man who had recently discovered a magical box that made you have powers to grow food. The boxes zap was a orangey colour that went BBBZZZZZZZ when you went to touch it. But this box wasn’t any ordinary box because it could move…

    The very odd man was shocked and was speechless with words. This man had made a amazing discovery that would probably go VIRAL.

    After a few moments of staring at the box in amazement the man had decided to creep silently to the box and grab it, and then SUDDENLY, every time this man moved a step the box was running away from him, the man could not keep up. everything went quiet, but then the man took all his might and strength and run like he had never done before! he launched him self forward and grabbed the box. He got it. It was his…

    By Billy 😀


  7. The Arctic Circle part two

    As the man was munching delightfully to his orangey apple, a golden box caught him by the corner of his wrinkly eye. How he desperately wanted to see the box could do but without second thoughts the man slowly walked to the box. With the man’s eyes staying still at the golden box he observed every inch of it touched the mysterious box with caution however the box flared as the white bearded man touched the box even his arm started glowing orange, with astonishment, of how sudden the flare of the box and his arm, the white bearded man jerked backword to the lifeless tree except he affected the lifeless tree and the lifeless tree revolved into a spirited tree with orangey apples.

    When the man got hold of the orangey apple he immediately ate the orangey apple in a way you wouldn’t want to see at the dinner table. The man wanted more and more of the orangey apple that melted in his mouth and that is where his heart turned very cold like ice. The man looked thoughtful at box then he slowly crept to the box at the same time the box stood on its edge and stayed like that until the man took another step as therefore the box went flat on its face but a step further and that is when the selfish man realized if he took a step closer to the cheeky box it would go on its edge and if he took another step the cheeky box would go on its flat face but the selfless man didn’t careless.

    The box and the selfish man carried on rerepeating the same thing until the man was fed up and chased the human like behavioural box in a straight line continually till the selfish man came up with an idea the idea to capture the box. He thought he could run and slide quickly to the front of the box including jumping on it. He did what he thought and it worked. Surprisingly box disappeared in thin air. However, his weak arm still glowed orange when he was about to go back to his spirited tree one of his feet turned to a box and the other gradually turned to a box but without notice his limbs transformed into box. The man had no choice but to drag himself to his rival’s hut. Unexpectedly, when he was just about 10cm away he POOPED!! Into a box.
    Finally, out of a hut came a man he saw a … box…


  8. The arctic circle

    Once, in part of the earths most dangerous land, there stood nothing except an old lifeless tree and and a little shuttle like shed. With the snow covering the land like cotton wool, an antenna sprung from the top off the shuttle with a red flashing light spinning around.

    A mysterious man came out off the shuttle and started to wind a metal pole which was attached to the tree. Then pop! an orange apple dropped off the tree and the man shredded it as it was his breakfast. Something very strange happened. A magical box appeared so he went to investigate. Suddenly, when he put his hand near it, the box made an electric sound and forced him back into the tree! He pushed himself up off the tree and lots off apples grew. He pulled one off the tree and tasted it and it tasted even better than any other Apple he had ever tasted. So he chased after it as he new that someone lived next door until finally he was able to jump and catch it, but it suddenly popped and disappeared!

    Quickly he ran home. Something very strange happened. As he was running both his feet turned in to the box. Then his belly turned into part off the box. What was happening? Suddenly he turned completely into a box! Wondering what all the noise was about, his neighbour came out and saw the box sitting there on the blanket of snow. He turned away and carried on with his normal life.


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