The Arctic Circle

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Class 8 have been watching the excellent short animation called ‘The Arctic Circle’. They have worked hard to brainstorm exciting descriptions to use to describe this scene. Their challenge was to create a piece of writing as exciting as the film. Have they managed to?
Mr McCann

Link to the animation on youtube:

37 thoughts on “The Arctic Circle

  1. The Arctic Circle

    Far far away in a land nobody visits, there was an eerie silence. Not even a sound was to be heard. The snow was like a rug covering the ground. In the distance there were some sharp rocky hills. The wind sang the tree swayed but still no sound.

    A mysterious man broke the silence…He looked like he was an ageing man he had a long beard he wore what looked like astronaut boots. He walked over to the tree and did his daily routine which was to wind the crank on the tree for several minutes until fruit grew. He would then gobble up the fruit in about five seconds. But one unusual day while he was eating the fruit he saw something unusual. It was a box. The mysterious man didn’t know what was inside. He said to himself what could it be?


  2. Once in the land of the Arctic, The Floor was like crystal. It was so clear, it was like you was waking on glass and there was a tree that had no leaves that just stood there silently drifting across the wind.Someone’s little hut with no windows just a rusty nail house with a rusty antenna on top on the old pipe sitting beside the tree…

    Then there was a someone This someone came out of the hut. The Someone Started to push the old pipe. t fruit came on top of Was it a apple pear orange no one knew. How this someone did all of this in fact who is this someone is it a he or she?

    Then there was something came some kind of cuboid shaped thing the someone creeped towards the cuboid shaped thing closer and closer And BANG! TO BE CONTINUED…


  3. Once in one of the most deadly places on earth,with the whitest land and the slippiest ice bergs there could ever be. And there stood a dead, lifeless tree and sat next to it was a little shuttle like shed and when you step outside all you could smell salty air and all you could feel was the bitter cold wind blowing up against you.

    And in that shuttle a mysterious lonely man stepped outside and felt the wind blow at him. He slowly walked over to the tree where there was a metal pole waiting for him wanting to be wined. He stead steadily wined the cog and then an orange Apple appeared on the tree. He pulled it of carefully, and ate all of it.

    He dropped the core off the apple onto the ground and a small peach like block was sat there staring right at me… To be continued!


  4. The arctic circle

    One day in the far parts of the arctic circle, a place you never would want to go, the ice can crack under your feet at any moment. In the arctic you have to be ready for anything. The land of the arctic can be tough and rough at the same time. Sometimes you can’t see in the arctic because the sky is so misty. A mans life could change in the arctic and never change back.

    A door open and a man step out. The man looked like he had frozen. This old man walked over to a tree and started to turn a long metal bar sticking out of the tree.


  5. The arctic circle

    All was silent in the arctic circle, no animals, not even one.The only sight was a tree and a shelter made of metal. The tree had a long pole positioned in the middle and the shelter had an antennae with a red light on the top. The tree was motionless and the cold wind got colder. The temperature got colder than it was supposed to.The arctic smelled as freezing as an arctic foxes paw prints.

    A man came out of the shelter and sighed, He looked very tired. He started to turn the long pole on the tree, then some orange – like fruit began to grow on the tree. The man picked the orange – like fruit and began to eat the juicy food.

    Then he saw something peculiar, a box, a orange box. He touched it, and got an orange hand! Then he touched the tree and it grew lots of orange – like fruits!!! He thought it was a lifetime supply, so he decided to keep the box to himself,as known to be greedy.


  6. The Arctic Circle.

    All is silent, quiet, peculiar. There is no sign of joyful life in this twisted, turned and destroyed location. All is abnormal. All is motionless. The boredom is unbearable. The soulless air can make you lose your sanity. If there were one word to describe this land, it would be puzzling. A knotted life will be changed in these hopeless twenty four hours. This is not Antartica, oh definitely not. It’s a melted vision. All that would change soon…

    Desperately a bearded man walked weakly out of his “oh so” uncomfortable shelter to protect him from snow storms. He slightly managed to make it to his comforting but deathly wind up tree without falling on his hands. A joy thirsty soul began his daily, depressed work…

    It may not seem as I describe, but making fruit on a wind up tree is difficult for a survival choir. But this crooked bloke made an unforgettable discovery, a yellow box! How strangely queer for a lifeless land like this, my mind gets mixed up itself not knowing how this box came to be…


  7. Deep in the Arctic circle. On a very cold morning Sharp mountains in the back grounds And a dead Tree the sky was as blue as can be And suddenly a crank the tree was still then it grew a tiny orange circle then it got bigger and bigger then in the background the ice was as thin as a pole. The tree was still as a statue then a box that was yellow was right in front of the tree just like a. statue it had six sides and didn’t move .

    The tree was cranking it needed oil. The tree was not waving it was dead.


  8. Slap bang in the middle of the ice cold Arctic where plants never grow, mountain ice will not melt and slopes are always slippy. Two single houses stay standing tall sheltering their owners from harm and the dreadful conditions of ice and snow. On this cold breezy day one of the owners life is going to get turned around forever…

    One mysterious figure walked out of a rusty door of it’s minute house and swung the door shut, and the person swiftly runs over to something thing that looks like a well crank but on a tree. It starts spinning the crank and an orange pops up on the tree the figure was connected to and ate the food… “What is that!?” Exclaimed the figure pointing at a strange cube shaped box….


  9. In the freezing lands of the Arctic circle there was was no sign of loudness. The only sound you could hear were birds singing. If you was living in the Arctic circle you would probably wake up to the same smell everyday, salt water.

    In the Arctic circle there was a man, a mysterious man, he looked anxious,lonely,unhappy and angry. Every day he would do the same job which was spinning a crank to get apples. One day the man was doing his job and then a box caught the corner of his eye. What is in that box he wondered. Just then as the wind passed by and as the birds stopped singing the man went up to the box…


  10. The Arctic Circle

    Deep into a small land in the arctic was a couple of neighbours who were old and quiet, but one of them was a bit mysterious. The sound of silence and wind was all you heard except the sound of squelching snow when you walk. Suddenly the mysterious man walked out of his door and a eerie silence filled the air.

    The man was grumpy and angry because all day everyday he just spun a crank in a bare tree that had no leaves. The crank in the tree grew the mans fruits.

    By Billy


  11. In the continent Antartica, where the wind always has a frosty bite. The winds voice was singing in the the cold frosty breeze , it knew that today was a remarkable day. Antartica is deserted, however there is a bit of life left and that life belongs to a miserable mysterious old man.

    Every day the old man steps out from his shelter where it’s so warm and snug. He walks over to the lifeless old tree and starts rowing the pole that’s attached onto the tree. He rowed for about five miserable moments then suddenly out of the blue an apple bloomed on the tree. He grabbed the apple that was on the tree and greedily Scoffed it down his throat in one big GULP.

    He dropped the eaten Apple to the ground with a THUMP.
    In the corner of his eye he saw a cube it looked so weird. Why would a cube be in Antartica? What was it doing there? How did it get there?

    Will it do harm to Antarctica?


  12. The Arctic Circle

    Deep in a unknown Land of crumbly snow and a very dull sky, the world opened to a new chapter.This place was selfish. This place was unpredictable. This place was the end. In this land you couldn’t hear anything except the soulful singing of the wind that brushed past your cheek gently. For one living thing, it was going to find out what the meaning of life is…

    Something came out of its hiding place. What could it be?

    Out of its hiding place was a mysterious man, not just a ordinary man, with his white beard that was as white as the crumbly snow dancing to the sound of the soulful singing of the wind.The mysterious,isolated man shuffled to a metal Cranach that was on the side of a lifeless tree with no sight of life.

    Slowly, the white bearded man lifted his wrinkly hands and touched the Cranach and within a wink he started spinning the Cranach,like he always used to every day non missed, until orangey apple popped on the tree. The isolated man was very delighted for he rarely got anything from the lifeless tree. As the man was munching delightfully at the corner of his eye a golden box appeared!

    What is the golden box and what is it for?

    To be Continued…


  13. One day in a world of fluffy snow ,a remarkable day was upon the people of the Arctic … This land was a land of lifeless plants and miserable men, it was a land filled with jagged rocks and a thick blanket of ice cold snow .There was two small shelters in those two small shelters lived two small men … But one man was about to be over taken by greed and selfishness.

    After a few seconds of standing isolated in the bitter cold the mysterious man started turning a crooked pole connected to a lifeless tree ,he cranked the pole for a while when suddenly an apple started to grow on a crooked branch ,the mysterious man looked around for a while then grabbed the apple and greedily scoffed it down quickly.He began to look around when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he spotted a card board box ? What was in it a toy some fruit what could it be?



  14. One day in a cold cold Arctic Circle, a mysterious place in the background there is jagged rocks. The sky is dark. If I lived there I would be so bored and so hungry because there won’t be any food there.

    The man is spinning a crank and then he saw a orange, he could taste the lovely orange. Whilst he was eating the orange he saw something unusual. It looks very like a box.


  15. The Arctic circle

    In the centre of the land, the wind blew across the snow in this isolating place with one tree that stood as tall as a giraffe and is like a claw reaching out of the snowy ground for help with pointy and sharp rocks but it’s to breathtakingly cold to realise how bare this land actually is…

    From a distance, a mysterious bearded man came out of his rusty shelter walking slowly to the tree, as he starts to turn the old crank a dark red fruit turns up on the tree he quickly jumps up and grabs it with his bare hands the strange man looked around and as fast as lightening the apple core was on the cold wet snow.


  16. Deep in the deserted Arctic circle, there was eerie silence in the air no one know what was about to happen, dissent mountains stood there and the snow was very smooth , here two lonely houses stood like stone. As wind passed the tree danced as slow as a sloth.

    Then a mysterious man came out of his shelter and went to the empty life less tree with the crank and twisted the crank a and a moment later out came an apple he pulled it off the tree and ate the apple.

    All of a sudden, he saw a yellow box that wasn’t there when he came out …


  17. One day, In the freezing cold Arctic circle, the water is so cold you could freeze to death in a mater of minutes! But an Extraordinary day was coming to this man, to the Only man, his life is going to change forever …

    The man was in his freezing rusty shelter. He came out of his shelter to do his daily chorus , getting food for him to survive , so he went to his wired, bare tree what forms oranapple (half Apple half orange) when you wined your crank what forms oranapple . When he forms an oranapple he greedily ate the apple with no regrets .

    He was walking back to his freezing rusty shelter. When he was walking back to his shelter ,But he heard a funny noise ,he ternes around and saw a mysterious yellow cube . But what is it . To be continued…


  18. In a cold flat snowy land there was just one lonely, bare, brown tree. The cold wind was blowing really fast and the snowflakes we’re falling angrily.

    On a cold day in arctic one creepy man found the lonely tree. The tree had a strange handle, so the man started to turn the handle. He turned the handle faster and faster. Slowly an orange started to grow on the tree. The man picked the orange and he ate it.


  19. One cold dreadful, day was about to unfold. This land is a frozen heart it has no soul it has no mercy upon it,it has danger it’s never scared it’s not scared of anyone it’s called the Arctic circle…
    the snowy nights are mostly dangerous, course of its nightmares it makes. The sea is as cold as ice. There was silence only as if as if you was all alone in the dark lands of its own.

    But there lived a strange looking man he had a furred jacket with another layer of a leathered outfit with a white beard that looked like snow he was very tired looking and very isolated as well, he was turning a rusty old bronze crank that was on a very very old looking tree that had no leaves on it it seemed like if it was a witches hand coming from the land filled with breeze a all around it, in a flash of lightning…a apple appeared on the tree he picked it up and looked around if anyone was there and boom he ate it very quickly as if someone was gonna steal it and eat it, the man seem d to be greedy in a way…

    In the corner of his eye he know saw a block of a square and went forward to the yellow squared block and touched it and… his hand turned orange, he got scared and touched the tree and a lot of fruits came growing from the tree he was so happy he was after the square but the square started moving and the man still ran after it… When he saw were the square was going he straight away jumped on it suddenly when the man started walking home he started shrinking in the yellow squared block and was shrinking even more and more until he was fully in the box

    The end


  20. One cold icy day in The Arctic Circle a place with no soul and it is massive but not fun. It is cold as ice cold water on the man is the only 2 men and a lot more fun than a month… One day the was a man he had a long beard he was hungry so he spun a metal handle but
    He found a box…


  21. Deep in the arctic circle, it was a snowy and freezing cold land. The land had no water around the place only apples. It was quite like a mouse in the Arctic, it just snow in the Arctic the sun never went down. The place only had a little house and a dead tree with a crake.

    There was a old man and no one knew his name. The old man used a crake to make one single fruit to eat. He looked to see if anyone was there, then he ate the apple very fast so no people could steal it. When he finished his Apple he dropped it on the snow.

    The old man was grumpy and he gets bored quick when he does his apples.


  22. One day in the cold cold place called the Arctic, it had a stone cold sky of boredom. I think this is going to be a remarkably fantastic day here in the slap bang middle of the Arctic circle . it had a cent of the near by sea. There was a shelter with a very rusty exterior. The door of the tiny shelter started to open then a man came out of the shelter and started walking up to a near by tree with a bear body and a branchy upper part and a a pole sticking out of it.

    The man walked up to the tree and started spinning the crank and slowly a apple started growing of the tree. He hasn’t eaten in ages so he ate the apple in a flash.

    Then in a flash he saw a cube that was very mysterious…


  23. The second scene of the artic circle.

    After he had ate the price of fruit a mysterious yellow box caught his eye. So he decided to take a look and see what it was. He the touched the mysterious box a magical power sent him flying into the tree. After that had happened his arms turned orange. He then touched the tree and lots of fruit on it. All of the fruit just looked so delicious so he had to take a bite. The box started to roll away. He ran after it. The box was moving in the direction of his neighbor. He didn’t want his neighbor to have any fruit so he ran as fast as he could after it. He stopped for a second so did the box. The box suddenly started to move again so did the mysterious man. The random man then jumped on the box. There was only the sound of electric running through his body. The box disappeared. He fell to the ground. The mans arms then turned orange again. He was dancing around for a few minutes. As he stepped forward his leg disappeared so did the other one. He then slowly got sucked into the box by the magical force it had. His neighbor casually strolled out of his house. He stared at the box for a few moments. The other mysterious man walked outside to make fruit otherwise he wouldn’t be alive. He spotted the box but he didn’t do anything to it.


    1. Well done Grace! You’ve certainly made your writing very dramatic! πŸ˜€ 5DJ. T – Try to organise your writing into paragraphs next time, as this will allow you to think about the purpose of each paragraph that you write.


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