49 thoughts on “Minibeast Poetry!

  1. Ladybird

    There’s a ladybird that lives in my garden,
    She flew right in and didn’t say pardon.
    She hangs out in the luscious green trees,
    Eating all the vibrant flowers and munching on the leaves.

    It has delicate wings gently lifting it up,
    She is as small as a tiny ball of fluff.
    The soft wing flaps lift her very high,
    She can see everything from high up in the navy blue sky.

    Her tough shell protects her minute transparent wings,
    In the cool morning breeze she sings.
    She has extremely thin antennae,
    If she didn’t have them she might die.

    She is as beautiful as can be,
    When she’s in the air you can see.
    The red is as bright as you’ve ever known,
    I said my house is now your home.

    She is my ladybird!


  2. Black Widow

    Sly, scraping,
    Cryptic ghosts glaring,
    Peering into your soul.

    Blood thirsty,
    Hallucinating, heart racing,
    Time freezes…

    Pouncing, pouncing,
    Leap, attack, scurry, terror,
    Blood dashing.

    Anxiety hits you rock solid,
    Fall on your wrist,
    Blur, sinking, losing touch.

    Deafening ringing in your ears,
    The lock is broken,
    Venom leaking into your veins like acid.



  3. Bullet Ants

    Bullet ants are ferocious
    Under human footsteps is their base
    Life is uneasy for them
    Love working together
    Enormous creatures
    They are as black as the night sky.
    As dangerous as an earth quake
    Nibble on human skin
    They are as deadly as a Tiger
    So try to avoid them or else…


  4. The slug dawdles,
    The dragonfly is agile,
    The snail is slow,
    The centipede is skinny.

    The mantis are sneaky,
    The bee zooms to flowers,
    The millepede runs with its legs,
    The hornet stings its victims.

    The ladybug chomps on leaves,
    The wasp has a poisonous sting,
    The butterfly is colourful,
    The moth is stealthy.

    The caterpillars turns into butterflies,
    The black widow strides to its prey,
    The arachnids spin webs,
    The ant scuttles around,



    1. Amazing Lucy! You should be extremely proud! I love the line where it says ‘The Black Widow strides to its prey.’ Awesome, keep up the good work! 😉


  5. The dragonfly glides in the sky,
    The dragonflies calmly hover in the air,
    They adore it in the sky but not that high,
    They sometimes travel in a pair.

    Dragonflies live in magnificent ponds and streams,
    Dragonflies wings are as thin as shattered ice,
    They must have wonderful dreams,
    They are petite just like mice.

    They sometimes fly in the gardens,
    When they burp they never say pardon,
    They can be different colours but the main one is blue,
    What age do they live to give me a clue.


  6. Be carful around bullet ants,
    Each of them like cold green plants,
    Whatever though, still be wary,
    Ants like these can be scary,
    Running at speeds of 30 miles per hour,
    Either way they make me feel a bit sour.

    Bites as bad as being shot by a bullet,
    Using its power it’s like a mullet,
    Look out you might get bit,
    Likely to get bit if you disturb it,
    Eaten by nasty spiders,
    The bullet ants are still fighters.

    All the ants yield to these dangerous creatures,
    Not just because of its astonishing features,
    They might be as threatening as a sword,
    So of course they don’t look as nice as a new ford.

    By Aidan Wyles


  7. Hornet

    Beware Of its Painful injure,
    Maybe it looks ginger,
    claws are as sharp as a spear,
    Might make you tear.

    It’s as fast as lightning,
    However it’s also frightening,
    stripes are as black as night,
    It comes at first sight.

    You may be it’s next victim,
    also a strong dictum,
    lives in a vicious hive,
    It can also dive.

    Watch out there’s one behind you,
    It comes out in the blue,
    If you kill you’ll be scared,
    It’s also in the despair.

    The sting Is a bottomless pit of death,
    The disturbing legs is it’s breath,
    It’s antlers can see you in angst,
    Make sure you look behind…

    By Ashton Clifton


  8. Black Widow

    Beware of my life stopping bite,
    Later you’ll see my abdomens bright,
    Animals shiver in my presence,
    Could you be my next present?
    Kill me and you’ll be warned.
    Whatever I kill may be horned,
    I may be small,
    Do you think I’m the size of a miniature ball,
    On webs I catch my prey,
    Will you hope that I don’t stay?


    1. Great poem Alfie I like the line where it says kill me and you’ll we warned its very dramatic. Next time you could add an exclamation mark.


  9. Pounces across water ,
    Other times I wonder how they slumber,
    Never will survive in a scorcher,
    Don’t ever hear a peep.

    Skating agilely across water,
    Killing waters stillness while creating a ripple,
    A hiss will create a soothing song,
    The feet have little stipples,
    Even though I look awake I’ve been awake all day long,
    Rough days work comes a good night sleep.


  10. As my legs extend,
    You will think your life will end,
    Will you be my prey,
    Or will you stay all day.

    My jaw is very large,
    The prime minster puts on some marge,
    Donald Trump will say please,
    Let’s have some cheese on our knees


  11. Butterfly

    They first are caterpillars,
    Slow and green as like.
    Eat leaves and salad,
    All the time.
    You find it in the air,
    Flapping its wings.
    With its majestic colours,
    It can be blue,purple,red,yellow,
    Pink and rainbow all of them.
    There thin body’s are fluffy,
    And it’s mini limbs tiptoeing on the land.


  12. The Butterfly

    Beautiful colours shining bright,
    Awakening in the morning light,
    Big Adventures are frightening,
    The small creatures are afraid of lightning.

    Flying gracefully in the sky,
    Eating my Nans homemade pie,
    Hiding in your green house,
    Playing with a mouse.


  13. ‘Ladybird Nerd!’

    I have a collection of Ladybirds,
    They don’t seem to utter words.

    They always wander adventurously on the farmer’s crops,
    And leave minute black stuff that plops.

    I have a collection of Ladybirds,
    They huddle in a cherishing herds.

    If they lay eyes on me they fake dead,
    They always linger around in my mums flower beds.

    These insects shells are to make you melt,
    Some are purple and green but they aren’t to be smelt.

    My favourite Ladybird is a strawberry pink
    Ladybird called Callum,
    Sometimes he would say “Tell’m!”

    Sometimes I know a bit too much about Ladybirds,
    So people state ‘I’m a Ladybird Nerd


  14. Whales are as small as a submarine,
    These creatures are even more blue than a colouring pencil.
    Whales can swim faster than a cheetah,
    Their splashes are as loud as a deadly roar.
    They are like statues while protecting a door,
    Whales are the kings of the ocean!


  15. Bullet ant

    Boss of the ant colonies,
    Under the surface is home,
    Looks black with a veroush bite,
    Life is exhausting for them,
    Enormous as a humans thumb,

    They are dark as a evil mans blood,
    An amazing creature,
    Nibble on almost anything,
    They are as deadly as can be,
    So don’t go near them or else,

    By Ethan


  16. A pond skaters life

    As the pond lurked under the shivering moon,
    I skate and drift across the waters skin,
    when big waves come I meet my doom,
    If I were in a race I would probably win.

    When I awake I might change pond,
    Even though I may be thin I still have a little skin,
    If I lived with anew gerridae I would not be fond with the new pond,
    Another day has passed and I’ve dreamed again hopefully tomorrow will go like a spin.

    By Josh


  17. A Butterfly’s Wing

    I fly elegantly like an angel,
    Even though I am just as beautiful.
    Majestic like a wolf running under the moonlight,
    But don’t worry don’t have a fright.
    All butterfly’s big and small,
    You would want to see us all.

    When you see me you think I’m perfect,
    But you are actually incorrect.
    As butterfly’s we have to work hard,
    But we never get a Mother’s Day card


  18. The spider

    You never know if they’re under your bed,
    In the night they might crawl on your head
    They make webs in every corner of you’re house
    They make their self at home in my Nans greenhouse

    On their nets they catch flys
    But they only have two eyes
    When you’re not looking they jump in your shoe,
    You better watch out because they’re coming for you.


  19. They are very squishy,
    As they live in the sea,
    But they also, smell very fishy,
    A bit like me!

    They’ve got gills,
    Even though there small,
    They look a lot like wind mills,
    But it didn’t go to the mall!

    When they splash,
    They suffer,
    Then get a rash,
    When they start to bluffer!

    They have fins,
    But when they hit the water,
    They look like arioplane wings,
    But they don’t hit granddaughters!

    I’m a FISH…


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