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  1. What is autism?

    It is very hard for autistic people. Not many people have autism. People think they are weird however there not there.

    This is an affect on the five senses. This allows them to see the world differently. This isn’t a medical condition it is very unique. It’s very hard for them so we don’t want to make it harder for them like hurting them or leaving them out of a game. Some people make fun of them for how calm down another reason why you should try and help them.

    Imagine your in the cinamer for a normal person the music would be fine and the lights would be bright. However if your autistic the lights would be really bright and the music would be really loud. But not every atistict person would think that. This is not called by anything it is just a unique thing and not many people have it is quit a rare condition.

    The person whith autism can’t say how they feel in the inside. The people who don’t have autism make fun of them to how they calm down but this allows them to calm down. Say if you had autism you were banging your head against the wall. how would you feel if someone was mocking you how would you feel.

    You do need and try and help atistict people like trying not to argue whith them. Don’t put to much on there mind and don’t leave them out of a game. Don’t try and make fun of them as well

    It’s like judging a book by its cover the same whith an atistic person there not broken there just unquie. atistic people can make amazing things happen.


  2. Imagine some brains work differently to other people’s in a community. This can effect how some people see the world. This a condition called autism? How can autism effect people who have the conditions? You can think of the brain as a computer and the wires have got tangled up. People who haven’t got the condition can sometimes do things better than you.

    If a brain is a computer it has five wires,for smell,touch,taste,hear and your see sense . For example if your see sense and hear sense is mixed up your brain gets confused. If you are walking down the street and you see and hear a balloon shooting away if can be noisy but someone with autism an hear it ten times worse then you. Also if you are good at a hard subject such as maths a person with autism may not be able to do the subject better then someone without autism.

    If you are at a football match and a team are just about to score a goal , people would be jeering about that. You would be able to cope with the noise but people with autism might not be able to cope with the noise. People who have the condition can have a flare at maths,or art,or music. Some people who have autism extremely difficult to make friends. So even those they look fine on the outside there is chaos on the inside. They can have a sensory overload.

    People with autism can experience a sensory overload, therefore they may bite their fingernails. They develop different ways to calm down like banging their heads against a wall. It would seem unusual, but this their way of keeping Calm. They can have a battle on the inside but look fine on the outside.

    If someone has got autism don’t get angry at them. You have to be patient.

    People with autism are unique in their own way, so don’t judge them they are not I’ll. People who have the condition just need a shoulder to learn on. They can make amazing things happen.


  3. Why is autism so common?

    lots of people are not autistic some people are autistic. That means they have different feelings .

    Imagine your brain as a computer with all of your senses downloaded into it. At first this sounds
    strange,but what if your brains wires got switched around that means they will react differently to the world than others.

    If you look out of the window or go out side you will see people and beautiful birds and wonderful plants. However autistic people see things differently to other people. Like brighter lights
    and if they have autism they are different from other people. They are unique in different ways . For example
    if you go to a supermarket with an autistic person can get a sensory overload,they get stressed and go to some where quiet to calm down.

    People with autism can have a sensory overload there for they bash their head on the wall and get stressed. If you
    were worried you would bite you nails,Look away and fiddle with your fingers. Autistic people can calm their self
    down by different ways.

    You can help autistic people by not shouting at them because they get stressed and angry .you can be helpful by
    not laughing at them. They have a hard time trying to make friends.

    Finally it is important to remember that autistic people are the same as us.


  4. How does autism effect people?

    Can you even think of how autistic people can see, hear, taste and touch? Well it is harder than you think. However they may be better at some things than others. It is a very common in this world to have it.

    An autistic brain can work in different ways. Imagine your brain as your own little computer. People with autism see different things like bright lights and danger all around. However they can not say how they feel. They may look fine on the outside but on the inside they are worried.

    People with autism may be better at somethings such as mathematic, music and art. It is harder for them to make friends but to most people it is easier. When the brain sences don’t work it can become overwwelmed and it gets confused.

    Autistic people normally have a lot on there mind. They have different ways to keep calm and they and they might not be the same as ours. How they do all of this might not be what we do, but this enables the to calm down. If you see then doing things like banging there heads don’t give up them a harder time and argue with them just either try to help or just walk away. Help them and give them a chance. Although they don’t have good first impressions doesn’t mean they won’t be a good friend to you.

    If there doing there thing like if there was a light on turn it off but do not walk or annoy them stay with them and play. Don’t judge or hurt there feelings help and be there friend. However if they do something wrong still give them a chance. Take it slow and get to know them. You have to give them time and let them get to know you. Have good communication with them and help them. Be patient with them.

    Just because you are different does not mean they aren’t nice. Autistic people are not sick or I’ll there just like us. We are all humans here.


  5. How does a autistic person feel?

    Image the brain was a computer and it was was wired different and the wires got tangled up and the wires of the computer (being your sences). How would a person feel, that is how an autistic person feels.

    The brain is responcible for your sences such as ,touch,hear,smell,taste and vision. A person with autism may have there sences mixed up.
    This causes them to have a sensory overload.

    Some differentses can make subjects very hard or make them comfedent at different subjects such as, maths,art and music. Image yourself walking down the busy street and a car comes by with bright lights and you walk into a shop with music. Sometimes the lights would be brighter and the music would hurt thre ears autistic people can make amazing things happen but it is harder to make friends.

    People with autism can experence a sensery overload which therefore causes them to use threre different ways to calm down. Their is chaos inside there heads however, they seem fine but unable to ask for help but aren’t worried about enything. Sometimes they can get stressed and this can be explained because they are using there different ways to calm down which may seem unusual to us but normal to autistic people.

    To help an autistic person you shouldn’t judge them, make them angry or make fun of them at all to make friends which them you need to take time with them and listen closely. Good communication really helps them and be patient.

    Autism doesn’t mean your broken or I’ll. Just because we are different, you shouldn’t be treated differently. The person with autism mast needs a shoulder to lean on. People with autism can make amazing things happen.


  6. Imagine having a problem that doesn’t allow you to see the the world properly. Do you think it’s really hard for people who have this problem? This problem is called autism. It is like your brain is a computer and your wires got mixed up. But your wires were your 5 senses and 2 of them got mixed up that could cause sensory overload.

    Autism can control how people learn,feel,and even communicate. People don’t notice that people have got autism however people with autism have different ways to calm down this is because everyone’s brain works differently. Some autistic people will bang there head against a wall. This is because it is their way of calming down. People with autism see the world differently like they might see bright lights and some might not this depends how their brain works if you have this condition.

    Imagine going somewhere busy and there is lots of noise. An autistic person could be scared and confused. If someone says hi to you they could be scared to answer back. But autism can make people good at things like maths,music and art. People with autism find it hard to make friends this is because they are scared to communicate back. If there is loads of noise they might act differently or they might do something to calm them down.

    People with autism have a lot going on in their head so it is best not to judge them or not to get angry at them for not talking to you. They might not answer because they’re scared. Take time with them because they might not answer back. Don’t make fun of them because they won’t like it. People with autism can feel a sensory overload in their head and then they just want you to leave them alone for a while.

    Autistic people aren’t broken or I’ll they just need a shoulder to lean on. They are still human they just have different ways to do things. Autism can make make amazing things happen but like they say don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because a umbrella doesn’t work in the snow doesn’t mean it’s broken.


  7. Would you like to have autism? Autism is a condition which can effect people and how they see the world. They are not ill or broke lots of people have autism. Don’t laugh at them or say that they are strange because these people have different ways of calming down,Lights could be very bright for there eyes. They already can’t see the world very well or shall I say that it’s scary for them. They normally get nervous around people.

    Your brain is pretty much a computer that can save files so that’s your memory. Your computer can trigger your senses but if it gets confused your computer could run out of storage or it could have have got overloaded. People with autism can see the world in a unique way but scary at the same time. Imagine if your brain is wired so if that gets twisted you could act differently. The senses could be triggered at the wrong times.

    Autistic people are better than others at some tasks such as art,music,acrobats and doing power points. They find it hard to make friends when you have autism and they might do different things to others. If the senses don’t communicate well, the brain will get confused and overwhelmed. Some tasks what we find really easy could be impossible for an autistic person. Imagine going to a cinema so seeing flashing lights and loud sound effects they would want to get out.

    People with autism have a lot of chaos going on in their heads but they look fine on the outside, so don’t say to them do you need help because you will give them a even harder time. Don’t laugh at them because they’re just developing their behaviours to keep themselves calm. When they are doing something unusual to us it looks strange but they are just trying to calm themselves down.

    Would you like to help a person with autism? It would be really nice to help and to tell them ways of calming down. People with autism develop behaviours so don’t laugh at them or judge them and the most important one is getting angry at them. When you are with someone with autism, it would take a long time to know them. You need to have good communication so you can speak clearly to them so you could be good friends. You also need to be patient with them because remember they have a condition.

    Just because a umbrella can’t work in the snow doesn’t mean it’s broken. Just because a person with autism is different doesn’t mean you treat them differently. They just need a shoulder to lean on. We are all human being so don’t judge people who are different to you. If you judge a book by its cover you might never discover a brilliant story. It’s the same with autistic people so don’t give them a hard time but try making friends.


  8. What is autism?

    Autism is a condition that is very common most people have it so it’s likely you all ready know someone with autism. This condition can course their brain to work differently. This leads us to our next question?

    How the brain works

    Imagine your brain as a computer with five coloured wires connected to your brain and each one is a different senses. Sometimes these wires are wired in other ways to ours. This can result in them seeing the world in a unique way. This can also result in them being good at things like maths, art or music,however this can do the opposite and make it hard to do some things like making friends and communicate.

    How do they see the world?

    Some people with autism see the world in a different way. Imagine yourself going shopping in the eyes of a non- autistic person it would be normal,but in the eyes of an autistic person it might be scary. They also might be focus on the light and noise. Even though they look ok they will be stressed on the inside,but they can’t say how they feel.

    Keeping calm

    We all get nervous and to help with our nerves we develop habits like looking away, biting our nails or biting your lip. But for an autistic person they develop habits like us but not the same as us. Not all people with autism will do this but some might. For example they might sit on the table or bane their head on the wall.

    Helping them

    Somebody with autism needs a good friend who is patient and will take the time to get to know you. Here are some tips if you want to be their friend. If they are having a stressful day the best thing to do is not give them an even harder time by getting cross. Good communication with them is very important as they need to get to know you.

    Just because a piano tuner doesn’t tune a guitar it doesn’t mean it’s broken. This is the same with autistic people they just need a shoulder to lean on. As they are human too. People with autism need a friend who is willing to take the time. If we are kind to them they will be able to share their view of the world with us. Autism can make amazing things happen.


  9. How does autism effect people?

    Can you imagine having a condition that makes the wires in your brain get my muddled up? If you was given a picture of a duck with it’s beak open some people would see a duck or a bird others would see a rabbit this doesn’t say if you are right or wrong all ways are right. Therefore, some people see this condition as an illness some people have. This is called autism.

    How the brain works to someone with autism?

    Consequently, our brains get muddled up and have a sensory overload. Imagine your brain as your own personal computer with five different coloured wires these are your five different senses touch, taste, smell, hear and see some times when you have autism. They can’t talk about what is going on in their head. When you have autism you are no different to anyone else. This controls how we learn, feel and communicate because of the way their brains are wired.

    How they see the world?

    Autism is a condition that can make you good at certain things as in: maths, music, at and many other things. However, this can do the opposite and make things harder as in: making friends, maths,music and art. Imagine going to the cinema and waiting a film to someone with autism this can be very scary the sound effects and many more things can scare them. To us this is fine and fun however it can be scary to them. When they go to this place it can cause a sensory overload which can cause them to become overwhelmed and confused.

    Their ways of keeping calm .

    People with autism have chaos going on in their head this is caused by a sensory overload. This can be explained, by showing the brain and how we calm down then also how they calm down. Don’t laugh at them this can aggravate them and give them an even harder time and upset them even more.

    How can we help them?

    We can help them by not getting angry, judging them or making fun. Take time away to talk to them when they are having trouble. Take time to get to know them and also stop to help them when they are having trouble. Good communication with them can help them. Some of their ways of calming down may be very weird to us like how they banging their heads against the wall and other things however our ways of calming down are weird to them.

    Just because a PSP can’t read a Nintendo Switch game it doesn’t mean it’s broken. It’s good not to judge someone just because they have autism. They’re not I’ll or broken they’re just unique. They’re just like us!


    Condition – The state or fitness of a living thing
    Autism – A condition many people have.
    Mock – Make fun or be mean
    Unique – special in a good way
    Sensory overload – when an autistic person become confused and overwhelmed


  10. Autism is a condition which confuses the brain. It is very common so it is likely that you know someone who is autistic already. Being autistic has lots of side effects that you might think are strange but are completely normal to them. Imagine finding things five times harder than it is now. Read on to find out more about the condition, autism.

    Picture your brain as an intelligent computer. It has multiple wires that control your senses and actions. Sometimes if the wires send connections to the brain at the same time the brain becomes overwhelmed. This causes a sensory overload which creates autism. Although autism may seem scary and bad it makes autistic people have incredible skills and talents. But it also makes them have a different view of the world that can be very different strange and terrifying.

    Autistic people’s senses almost work too well which means that they see lights brighter and hear sounds louder. Despite all this they have incredible talents such as art, singing, mathematics and English. Sometimes they might find it hard to focus because of there sensory overloads. Imagine going to your first day of school. You would see cars speeding past, people talking, bells ringing and the sun shining. You would be nervous and scared but also exited to make new friends. An autistic mind however would see a blazing, huge sun, loud people talking, deafening car engines and a piercing bell in the distance. They would be petrified and sickeningly nervous. They wouldn’t be looking foreword to making new friends but would be scared. The eyes are cameras and their lenses are just unique. When they get back they might start doing their special coping method so they can calm down.

    Autistic people experience chaos inside their heads but are too afraid to tell anybody. They, as I’ve already told you, can get sensory overloads, therefore they find something calming to do. These strategies may seem strange to you but are completely normal to them. You see biting our nails and fiddling with our hands are normal for us but unusual to them. It’s the same the other what around. These developed habits include banging their heads on the walls, sitting alone in a corner or even humming to the sounds off light bulbs. Some of these behaviours may seem different, however this allows them to calm down and cope in stressful situations.

    You can do many things to make an autistic person angry and sad but also many things to make them feel happy and cared for. Don’t get angry or make fun of them and definitely don’t judge them for being themselves. Take your time to get to know them and don’t jump to conclusions as soon as you meet them for the first time. Make sure you communicate and be kind to them. Talking to them and understanding them is the key to having a good friendship. Be patient and wait for them to talk to you. If they look busy leave them alone for a while until they look free to chat. If an autistic person looks sad or lonely keep them company and make sure they are okay. If they are angry respect their privacy but always be there for them no matter what.

    Remember, just because a size extra small jumper can’t fit on a medium sized person it doesn’t mean it’s made the wrong way. This is the same with autism, they not ill and not broken, they just need a friend or two to rely on. If you give autistic people enough support, autism can make amazing things happen!


    Autistic: Someone that has autism.

    Autism: A condition that effects how people learn and act around others.

    Condition: The state or fitness of a human or a living thing.

    Sensory overload: When the senses send signals to your brain all at the same time and your brain gets overwhelmed.

    – Kara


  11. How does autism effect people?

    Imagine having a condition which twists your emotions like wires twisted in a computer mixing up all the data? Well people who have a condition called autism have exactly that. They are different because their emotions are wired differently muddling up their senses.

    Autistic people see the world differently, rather than people without autism. People with autism can find bright lights scary or other things scary like a normal walk down the street. Imagine your brain being a mega computer downloading all your emotions that you have had throughout your life. However people with autism have their senses and emotions muddled up overwhelming the brain and causing the person to feel uncomfortable.

    Autistic people see the world differently to people without autism. People with autism can find subjects easy or they can find things impossible which we find really easy. People with autism can find a daily stroll scary because of unexpected events like a car horn sounding or losing a toy or jewellery. People with autism normally are afraid of loud noises. For example if someone with autism went to busy supermarket they wouldn’t be able to cope with all the noise and would find it very uncomfortable and daunting.

    People with autism can have sensory overloads, therefore they use actions to keep calm while they have a sensory overload. People without autism may find the actions that autistic people do quite unusual and strange. The actions that autistic people do means that the person is just having a hard time.

    To help some with autism it is best to not to get angry at them, make fun of them or judge them because it will give them a harder time. They can also get angry or sad if you disrespect them. To create a friendship with an autistic person you need to be patient and wait then maybe they might share their problems with you and become your friend but still don’t get angry when they do their actions to keep calm because your friendship with them means a lot to them

    Finally an autistic person is not Ill or broken they just need someone to rely on. Remember just because a newborn puppy is a different breed to its relative doesn’t mean it’s ill or broken so why would you say someone with autism is ill or broken. Autism can make amazing things happen.


  12. How does Autism effect people?

    Why do autistic people act differently? Autism can effect how people see the, would act and communicate. Even though they all have the same condition it will not always effect them in the same way. It could effect their reading ,writing ,how they communicate ,how they act or make friends.

    The brain is like a computer with five different wires. Each wire is different sense. If two wires get mixed up it could effect those two senses and change those senses. Some people call it a sensory overload especially when all the senses get mixed up.

    If you go to a fair ground and there’s laughing, screaming, loud noises and bright lights from the rides. It’s quite normal to us but to an autistic person it would be a very scary zone. Sadly the person can’t say out loud how they feel. They look perfectly fine on the out side. Even though there’s chaos going on in there head, but we don’t notice it’s even happening to them so if you know someone with autism try to support them and their condition. If you know someone with autism they won’t ever loose it they will always have autism. It’s one of those conditions that you have forever.

    Some people with autism have strange ways to calm themselves down. Some of these techniques are strange to us but it helps them, so don’t judge them, bully them, make fun of them or get angry with them because how would you feel if you were trying to calm down and someone laughed at you, or got angry at you, or judged you about how you calm down I’m sure you wouldn’t like it never do they.

    So if you see a autistic person doing strange things you should go and see them. Not just take acknowledge of them actually go and ask what’s wrong. Even if they don’t talk back to you very much or they just give you one word answers it’s a lot better then getting angry with them. In fact you should just leave it and go and play or talk to them. So if you know someone with autism and your not acting right around them you should start from now on.

    Just because a kitten is born with different colour fur it doesn’t mean he’s I’ll, broken or strange. It means he was just born in a unique way like autistic people and you were born in a unique and special way too.



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