2 thoughts on “Fractions of Amounts

  1. In an origami crafted land, that had been brought to life, the moon glanced along the landscape laying down a thin layer of light. The sky was so clear many would think it was made of crystals, down below the trees flowed in the gentle breeze. The clouds were made of soft white candy floss, the river had eroded it’s way through the land and their was a beautifully created oriental wooden bridge over the rolling stream, suddenly a branch snapped. In the distance light footsteps were heard. As something crept closer into the woods, into the dangerous territory! A blurry shape came into view, a young samurai!

    The samurai held a sword and had his kamishimo on as if he’s come out of battle or is going into a new one. Around him he could hear birds chirping, gushing water from the river near by. As he crossed the oriental bridge he could taste the streams spray as it splashed over his face. The samurai watched as the water changed colour from turquoise to deep sea blue! Cherry blossom swayed down in the breeze as if something was about to happen. A split second later you could hear the wolves howling at the moon. Then the hairs stood up on the back of his neck something was watching his every step ready to pounce like demons in the darkness, was he near danger?

    The samurai felt uneasy as if he was being stalked,He realised that his life was now In danger. The samurai came face to face with a wolf , the Edmonds came all the way from hell deep down below earths surface,it followed him growling and howling like a lioness protecting her cubs! He was in danger of losing his life! Every step that he took he got deeper and deeper into the wolves territory he was putting himself into more and more danger would his life last another minute? He realised the wolves were hunting him some from a distance some so close that he could smell the stench of raw blood in their breath! Cherry blossoms fell on the floor as if hope was falling. Red eyes surrounded him at the top of the steps, every time that they howled the steps would go down so he couldn’t get up and even if he made it up the steps he would see his last scene of life die before him. He was stuck with no way out he didn’t know we’re to go so he just ran and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He came to a stop at a tree with wind chimes, what what would he do, we’re would he go? How would he live? Will he live or die? His life was Perennial…


  2. In a origami paper book an amazing mysterious adventure was about to begin as the wolves howled and birds chirped. Then a stick was stepped on by a mysterious creature. In the dark Black Forest a tree caught the fading breeze and danced until it went by. A small stream made clashes like waves in the sea the stream kept changing colour to the moonlight coming from the moon a cherry blossom fell as it seemed to have a magical pink glowing colour as if it could bring all hope back to Japan. In the stream fishes splashed without a trace. The brilliant bridge was very beautiful.The water was a soft moonlight reflecting liquid. The background made it look slightly real nothing could be as magical as this.

    As the midnight fully closes, a suspicious man wondered in the moonlight rising, slowly came the path to get to this astonishing place was far from amazing. The shadow was from the dark midnight he acted suspicious as if he was on a adventure to save the lives of hope to people that need it it’s like his whole country needs him to help them live life with hope. The sinister wolves howled loudly at the moon making it possible to be the wolves prey this wasn’t a normal thing this man is brave as he clutched his hands tight nervously if he might be prey to the wolf. The man was wearing a kamishimo (samurai clothing).The define place made the setting so magical it felt so real to even imagine it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. The man crept up out of his long slumber to continue the adventure. This place was no ending to a beautiful area but as a dark evil creature followed the man to some wind chimes he played a tune to put the wolves asleep then he found a suspicious soft blue flame….

    The man took a break, he had a huge adventure to get to this mysterious soft blue flame. As the sunlight started dying the moon started rising slowly from the abyss and the wolves started howling at the moon as it came. He had came this far away from the place he knows best his only home now he’s in the wild of Japan who know what happens in the woods. In the black midnight forest the man saw some red glowing eyes but they knew the man could see them appearing from the darkness the mysterious creatures knew his next move so they took him as prey for themselves. The man went up stairs to get to the flame then he took another break for just a meanwhile to see if the wolves would wake up from there deep deep deep slumber.

    The wolves started yawning the man had to put them back to sleep so he slowly ran to the wind chimes and quickly put them to sleep. Will he survive the dark black mysterious forest?


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