15 thoughts on “Tengami – A fantasy story begins…

  1. In a mythical legend world of origami, a magical story is about to be told. The sky was pitch black like a bear’s black fur. Blossom flowers were falling from the trees. The man felt cold and his heart was frozen as ice. The water was eroding around the landscape. There was a strange mysterious figure…

    There was a man like a statue standing still. It was who was a samurai. He is a dark figure. He felt isolated. He was lonely but was he… The was no answer in the distance. He was surrounded by the end of the wolves. More and more horrid red eyes are stalking the man he is the only thing that would be stalked in the forest. Birds were chirping in the background of the forest and the rest of the animals were so noisy as well. The man was wearing a kamishimo.

    Tunes started to play and the man saw a oriental wooden bridge and walked across it. He heard howling and it got louder and louder as he walked closer and closer then he saw wind chimes and he ran and he was surrounded by four wolfs he saw wind chimes and he thought is this the way to safety. He was surrounded by the end of the Unknown wolves. Will he survive or not?


  2. In an origami crafted land, the wolfs hunted hungrily for their prey. The land of Tengami was covered with paper crafted trees, bridges, paths of concrete and even doors. The mysterious pack of wolfs were roaming the land like a beautiful, brave lioness guarding her cubs. The moon was as round as the simble on the Japanese flag and the sky was made from glitter and the trees stood like statues. The breeze was wondering over the land whilst the wolfs shivered and howled. There was a loud crunch of a stick like there was someone strolling over the mysterious land. Is it a Samaria or not? There was a faint sound of a stream whistling from the distance. This land was like a land from a storybook it is too good to be true. In the land that is made from origami and paper the trees are usually made from bark but they appeared made from paper.

    This sound was really mysterious it woke the wolfs from their slumber and they started roaming their land, they were looking and listening, to see if anyone was around when they saw a silhouette of a man. Was it a man or was it a woman…? It was a samurai, a brave samurai, he wondered up and down knowing that he was being stalked. He could hear the sound of scared birds chirping and flying as in they had been been chased by a snow leopard. However, the man wasn’t scared he was not thinking he was going to be killed he was always thinking on the bright side to things not the wrong side. He wore a dark blue kamishimo all of the brave warrior samurais wore kamishimos. The women even wore the kamishimos. The man was being stalked and he knew it he was being stalked by sinister, horrible wolfs even though many people would say he wasn’t being stalked he was being followed everywhere he went. He could feel something bad was happening.

    He was a mysterious samurai the wolfs followed him as in they were connected to him or as in they were stalking him.They had been following him up and down when he became to a random flight of steps when he went to go up them the wolfs blew them down he went to put the them back up they were blown Back down so he carried on walking when he came across more wolfs and four wind chimes. He pulled the wind chimes and this put the wolfs into a deep slumber. He walked to the tree and stopped there. He wore a dark blue Kamishino every brave samurai warrior wore any colour of kamishimo red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet many other colours pink and so on. The women wore traditional dresses most Japanese women wear this. Will he stop being stalked by the wolfs and survive or will he die in this place?


  3. In a world of origami, there was someone who had lived there for years just exploring and he couldn’t find anything. As he walked upon the world he fount different discoveries just like cherry blossom falling from nowhere. The sky was like a blue diamond at night. The stars were as bright as the sun in the sky. Once he went to look around he had fount a glowing waterfall. The river was crashing on to the shore. As he started to walk he thought to him self I am the only one on this island and he prayed for someone to be on the island with him. Also when he went past by all of the trees he could smell the cent it smelt like blossoms and then there was a howl from the distance. He went to look. There it was the sinister creature standing like it was the king on top of the mountain.

    The man feared what was going on he thought he was going to get attacked. The crazy wolf was walking with him and the most weird part when he howled the stairs fell. This man was a very brave and good man he was a samurai warrior. The man was looking for something but what? Was it a friend was it food what ever he was looking for he was in a rush. He ran to wherever he could get. He has got long black hair, he had a long golden neck less on his neck. He has got a patterned kamishimo (samurai clothes). He must have been anxious of what he wanted. It must have took him ages. The man did not look rich or poor he was just sad for some reason. The man walked probably over one hundred miles.

    The man was walking and the wolf just kept following him around then at one point something strange happened. All the wolf were in a pack. Howling into the night. Although the man was scarred however he had to. There was wind chimes flowing and all he stared up at the chimes they were blowing in the wind. There was one time where there was about four wind chimes so he tried to put them in order so he did it was a weird order so they tried and tried but nothing happened. So they had to however then he thought of something he said, “maybe I should try smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest” so he did. He did it right. All of them worked so that minute everything went silent. All of the wolfs fell asleep. He started to run back to the stairs and opened it…


  4. On one stormy night there was a slight breeze, the moon light covered the ground like a blanket the woods was very dull. You could hear some mysterious creatures howling in the dark paper covered land, there was a waterfall in the distance and there was cherry blossom’s falling of the trees while getting blown away from the trees.There was birds chirping and the wind was blowing the trees. All the leaves were blowing of the trees, the snow was covering up the ground. The river was laying listening to the vicious creatures, a dark shadow appeared in the distance.

    A twig suddenly snapped red eyes looked upon the figure. A man appeared, he was lonely. He was ready to take on anything in his path. The peaceful tranquility ended. He knew he was being watched by his every move. He walked to try and get to safety, but he suddenly saw a bridge leading to more land he went across it to see were it leaded him. He was thinking were he was he looked around. He wanted to turn back, but he didn’t and he carried on.

    Then he saw these vicious animals they had red eyes. They stared at him then he tried to run, but they followed him all the way through the forest. He was being hunted by the wolf then he saw a tree which wind chimes will he survive or not?


  5. In a mysterious world of origami, the sky was like waves as dark as coal the grass was like leafs which were as dry as Sand on a sunny hot day the trees were stood still like statues a short breeze of wind past through the air taking along anything that it could reach. The stream passing through the paper crafted area it cut through the land like a samurai sword. the moon light was very unusual.

    Just then a twig snapped and then a mysterious character appeared out of the forest darkness the creature was looking at the path and then it walked forward the creature was a man he walked on the path and disappeared like he wasn’t real he came back and stopped.

    Then a mysterious type of animal, appeared with red eyes and then they disappeared into the darkness the man was looking as well then a wolf came towards the man and then the wolf left the wolfs hair was white and grey.


  6. In the mythical world of origami, trees were stood still listening to to the mysterious creatures waiting for something, the moon was gazing down upon the giant pine wood trees like the pine wood trees are ruling that landscape. Cherry blossoms were flying in the windy wind like the creatures were controlling them. Leaves are falling of the trees like tears dropping from someone’s eyes. Wind was crashing along the landscape, making the grass swish within wind.

    One day a man turned up to the origami world with big kamishimo clothing waiting for something, time later he started walking to a hill were a dark creature was lurking around stalking him. The man was ready to take on anything in his path, however he does not know what this mysterious creature was, what creature could it be? The person looked like a very trained Japanese samurai. He was strolling across the landscape as he strolled, a howl came from nearby, he looked up and the moon was gazing upon a wolf with beautiful white fur howling for friends to help him stalk and eat the innocent samurai.

    The sinister, dark and lurking creature finally appeared out of its unknown slumber in the dark cabin. We finally know what it is, it was a wolf waiting to pounce on the isolated samurai in this paper crafted land filled with mythical sinister creatures. This man has surely got adrenalin pumping around his body with a blitz of lightning. This samurai is lonely in the open fields of the land of origami. There was a big tree with four unknown wind chimes hanging from the giant tree, wolfs were gathering around it like they were praying to there God. Wolfs should stop stalking this man, he needs to find out what these wind chimes hanging from branch to branch and down to highest. He needs to find out what these are for… Birds are chirping to the wolfs like they are doing something wrong. The birds are acting like the wolfs are bad and they are good because they are trying to help the man survive from these sinister wolves. Will he survive or DIE?


  7. In a world of origami, there were myths that people told years ago, but are these myths real? The moon was shining as bright as a blistering fire. It was a dark night and the leaves were falling off the trees. The season was Autumn and there was a blanket of snow on the floor. There was a dead silence in the windy night and it was as if there was a snow storm approaching. The river echoed around the landscape. The cherry blossom trees were like candy floss the.the world was dead silence there was nothing in the eye can see no one was around there was just dead silence its was just all snow it was a beautiful sight. the bridge looked amazing you could hear the birds in the background. You could hear all the water eroding it’s amazing to listen to its astonished me. There was a great ice berg and also there was a frozen waterfall.

    The man looked amazing he was camouflage and he had a samurai sword the camouflage clothes were blue and white. and the midnight moon stared in his soul it was pitch black They saw a white thick silhouette he was Isolated therefore he wouldn’t kill him .They walked of the got very nervous and scared then my face dropped. To moved even more closely and I thought he was going to eat him. He got happy but a bit to happy there was nobody to save him if they did eat him. Luckily they didn’t eat him or did they? The fact that they didn’t kill him is amazing. The moon shon upon an isolated wind chime in the branches. The dark figure tried to figure out if there was a code for this isolated wind chime turns out there was no code for this wind chime. There was more eyes. The pack got bigger and worse for the dark knight wearing a kamishimo. A branch snapped. Could hear the wind.

    The wolves kept nagging him. they was trying to get stairs to open up but it turned out that they walked on and they that there was 6 wind chimes they thought this could be a secret code they pressed one of the wind chimes the over one. They both made sounds They wondered why the wolves fell asleep he the woke up he they looked do you think he’ll die?


  8. The dark and gloomy forest, a man was walking with the trees surrounding him in many ways it was as if the trees were watching every step he took into the forest he thought more and more about people or things watching him the place looked like a place about hell.The man was wearing a kamishimo.

    Suddenly, red eyes appeared in the gloomy forest he discovered it was a wolf it looked like it was really hungry and wanted something to eat as he walked on more and more it appeared he could hear wolf footsteps in the distance. The wolf saw the man and the wolf followed him every where he went and every step he took .The wolf leaded the man to more wolfs then he discovered this.

    He discovered that more and more wolfs were ganging up on him he reached some wind chimes and there were four wolfs and four wind chimes he thought every wind chimes represented every wolf he tried swinging them to put them asleep the first time he pulled them they didn’t fall asleep but the second time the wolfs fell into a deep slumber. The wind chimes kept on blowing side to side. Will he survive in this horrible,dark and gloomy forest?


  9. In a paper crafted land, un like no other, a mesmerising tale was about to be told. As cherry blossoms fell from the new born oak tree, the river hummed a tuneful tune. A in an enchanted forest an old crooked bridge stood as still as a statue over a river that was as smooth as a crystals head. As the wind howled and the bushes rumbled. The moon gentle touch the surface of the darkest pine tree in the inner forest and lite it up. All of a sudden faint foot steps could only just be heard until the mysterious figure woke up the isolated beady eyed creature.

    Out of the bushes came a tall dark figure, as the object stepped into the light it seemed to be a tall man with long black hair that was slicked back into a tight pony tail and a the finest long dark blue Kamishimo with skin as white as snow that you wouldn’t be able to see him at winter time. The man had a good look round as if he didn’t know how he got there and then the isolated creature jumped out of the bushes the man ran as fast as he could to the bridge but the creature was as fast as a cheater and caught up with the man quickly and then the man and the mysterious creature was face to face…

    The man saw that the hideous creature was a Wolf with bright blue eyes and caramel coloured fur with a strong bushy beard as he howled three more wolfs appeared he ran to a tree with wind chimes the tree had four wind chimes he assumed that every represented a wolf he did them in a special order and they all fell asleep in a deep slumber. Do you think he will make it out alive?


  10. As the moon glared upon the purgatory that was covered by a heavenly setting. A howling demon awoke as it trudged through the quartz snow it let out a deafening howl which you could hear throughout the colossal landscape . A pack of other demons came sprinting across the snowy blanket that covered the whole of the emerald grass land. On the horizon of the mountain the moon focused on the sheet of ice that lay on the river the only things that broke through the ice covered river was the snow covered dull grey boulders. The trees stood still watching whoever passed through the snowy biome. The snow crumbled like a warm apple pie crust for pudding. The rocks lay procrastinating about what they are going to do if they’d moved. A branched snapped in the wind.

    A mysterious figure could be seen trudging through the snow of the mountain the demons howled as they stalked their prey through the snowy sleeping bushes the mysterious person started to cross an old wonkey wooden oriental bridge. The bridge wobbled as the mysterious man walked over the middle of the bridge. The demons watched him as he found his way around the frozen forest. They stalked him like he was a gazelle and they were the lions following ready to pounce on their prey. They were patient which made it seem like they weren’t going to kill him.

    The man stumbled further into the purgatory of the mountains still being followed and stalked by the wolves that came out of hiding in the snow however some still sat peering through the snow so that they could ambush him and have a nice human thigh drumstick. Still they waited the man wandered and managed to find a set of stairs that lead to a cobalt fire. Maybe it would get him out of this purgatory and he would live a more happier life? He tried to pull the bridge to the edge so he could walk up it and maybe get out of the hell that surrounded him however every time that he went to walk up the stairs one of the wolves would howl and the stairs would be pushed backwards he kept trying but after a while he gave up and moved on still being stalked by the wolves. A couple of hours later he stumbled into a tree with chimes hanging off each branch he looked where the wolves were it seemed that the pack grew bigger. Would he survive or would he be eaten by wolves that stalked him?


  11. One night when trees were surrounded with silence. There was nothing around, there was mysterious howling in the pitch black forest. Ferrous creatures were roaming around the rocks silently, while the moon stared. The stream is like a Samurai sword cutting through paper. The water was like transparent glass and the dirt flowed through the water on the way to heaven, surrounding the dirt was pine trees over the forest. One of the branches snapped the ferrous creatures stared across the dirty landscape… It was a wolf.

    A mysterious black figure ran over a bridge the wolf stared at the man. He was terrified he didn’t know what to do he stared to run over the bridge and still the wolfs didn’t stop starring at the man. They were still on the stone path to hells gateway …

    The man ran and ran to get away from the wolf he stumbled upon a strange temple in the forest. He was convicted why is there a temple in the thorist he ran and ran until he hit a deaden there was left or right…


  12. In origami land, that was like no other land man had seen before. An adventure was about to happen. The bright, silver moon shone down on the trees with a blanket of snow on top. You could hear the howls of ferric creatures and the soft tweets from birds. The soft trickling stream was enough to put any one to sleep. The night was silent not a noise could be heard for miles.

    Suddenly, a man appeared out of nowhere. He had long dark hair that was tide up with a red piece of fabric. His clothes were like a warrior’s. They were blue with a belt of red. No one know why he came but he did. He sat underneath a tree. The tree stood still almost procrastinating. There was a distance howl as loud as a car.

    The man woke up the howls were getting closer and closer. Until, the creature was right in front of him… It was a wolf. Was the man going to live by staying still or die by running? He chose the first option he stood as still as a statue. The wolfs sniffed him, they growled in an angry tone. The man was about to run but the wolf had called for backup more and more wolfs came. The man made a run for it he ran and he ran until he came to a tree. The tree had wind chimes on they play in the wind.He was like a man at battle waiting for the enime to arrive. The man could hear the wolf behind him he tried to run again but the wolf had plan a surprise attack he stood still. Was he going to live or die?


  13. In a world made of paper, that no one has seen before, a mysterious tale was about to begin. As the moon glared down on the quiet, calm land while spreading a moonlight blanket over it. The trees danced to the silent faint breeze in the distance. Then the silence broke as a twig broke and dead leaves cracked under the mysterious creature’s feet or paws. The sky was a beautiful turquoise, glittery, calm sky it was like the sky was made of priceless diamonds. The sky was a exquisite sight to see and was one in a million.

    As the creature ran they heard the leaves crack under their feet and twigs snapping. You could make out a man when he came in to the light you could see he was dressed in a dark blue samurai out fit. He ran through the forest until he reached a calm stream where a waterfall was steadily dropping water in to the stream. This ever flowing stream carves through the ground like an archaeologist searching for an amazing discovery. As he knelt down beside the stream he made his hands into a cup and got some of the sparkling, blue and clean water and drank some he got another handful and splashed it on his face to wake him up a bit. After that he got up and looked around as if his memory had been erased and he had no recollection of this paper world. He saw an oriental wooden bridge and decided to carefully walk across the bridge hoping it wouldn’t fall down. As he did so he felt as if something was stalking him and was going to pounce on him like a leopard pouncing to catch his prey.

    As he walked across the bridge, wolfs howling was getting louder and clearer as he got closer he got more wary and cautious. The man carried on walking his heart was racing. His hands was trembling. He was walking a bit faster than he was before he crossed the bridge. A little further into the forest there was a big oak tree with beautiful wind chimes, however there was a pack of hungry looking wolfs. What would happen to him would this be his end or would he survive?


  14. In a odd paper crated land, the moon light was stroking the terrifying big oak trees. The wind was howling like soon they would be disaster awaiting for someone or something. They was a wrecked old bridge no animal or bug had crossed for years. They were flattened boulders for when the gushing water had crushed it’s way through the rocks.When you looked up you could see and hear the bird chirping. Even the strongest man would find it difficult to survive by the unspeakable monsters that lurk in this deadly woods. With out a warning, there was a snap of a stick and they was a strange shadow creeping around. Who could it be?

    Suddenly, the random shadow stepped forward with a nervous feeling in him. It was a man with deep blue eyes that watched his steps because he was being watch by beasts. He could hear them howling up in the distance. He was wearing a kamishimo which was dark blue with a bit of yellow. His heart was certain that this would be his time because they are deadly animals out here but would he be the prey? He wore brown leather sandals and put his hair up in a pony tale. He also carried a sword in case of danger. He was a brave man, and he didn’t want to die by the creature.

    When the man was walking on he found a glowing light and he thought that it was a glowing crystal then a wolf was following him he got nervous then he found a stair case that led to the glowing light. But when he walked up the stairs the wolf would stop him so he tried to go a different way but soon they were 4 wolfs and he felt hopeless he knew soon they would pounce like a lion getting it’s prey. His heart was beating so fast he could hardly breathe He lent on a tree thinking to him self would this be his end?


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